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Hi! I'm kind of new to all of this. My parents were both wizards but didn't want to involve me into any of this so they tried to hide it from me. They wanted me to have a normal muggle life. That was until I got my letter to Hogwarts on my 16th birthday. I asked my parents about it and they tried to burn the letter. That was when we got into a fight about why they would hide it from me and that I can handle the truth. They refused to let me go, so I went to my grandmother's house where she told me about all the stuff that my parents were hiding from me. She would collect all of there rare magical creatures. My favorite of her pets was her phoenix Lizabeth. She always fascinated me and was my only friend. I would have brought her to Hogwarts with me but my grandmother said that she was better to stay there with her. I still haven't talked to my parents since I left. If they decided that they are going to hide an important part of my life, then they didn't need to be apart of my life. I hope at Hogwarts I can meet people who can help me get the knowledge that my parents didn't tell me.
When I got to the sorting hat it put me in gryffindor. I was surprised by it but later on when I met the professor they recognized my parents and said they were both griffindor when they were at Hogwarts.
Description: Black hair, freckles, tan ish skin, grey eye
BIGGEST PET PEEVE: SQUEAKY SHOES ( I don't know why but when you are walking through the halls with squeaky shoes on it just makes me want to scream)
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