Hello, I am Ronnie Gethen, and I am a first-year Slytherin. Though I come off as rather aloof, I am quite friendly! Feel free to message me.

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Being raised by my strict pureblood parents I was exposed to many things when I was little. My Father is a magizoologist, and my mother is a Monster hunter. They met each other while they were enrolled in Hogwarts. Due to the fact that they both had magical creatures mixed into their lives, when I was born they saw no issue dragging me along while they worked. As I got older, my interest in magical creatures grew. Specifically dragons. I loved the creatures. They were elegant and beautiful, yet so incredibly strong at the same time. I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and become a Magical Creature Expert once I graduate from Hogwarts.

- Animagus: Black Bear

- Appearance: Short, Fluffy black hair that is often pushed into his face. He has dark brown eyes and tanned skin. He has many small freckles littering his face and shoulders. Ronnie is slim and tall and prefers to wear dark oversized clothing. His fingers littered with gold and silver rings, and around his neck a choker is almost always present.

- Personality: Ronnie is quiet and refined. His quiet nature shouldn't be mistaken for weakness, because he is extremely loyal and has no issue with hexing anyone who is brave enough to challenge his friends. One of his biggest insecurities being his Scottish accent, which becomes even more noticeable when he is nervous, excited, angry, or any other intense emotion. He is very Ambitious and spends most of his time after classes studying so he can achieve his dream of becoming a magizoologist.

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