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My father is a muggle, a pharmacist from London, my mom is a muggleborn witch from Ireland. His parents died by a massacre by deatheaters while He-who-must-not-be-named rose to power. Her parents where bitten by Vampires and were haunted down by the ministry. Now she is a Healer in St. Mungos Hospital.
Maybe this is the reason for me being that much interested in herbs an potions - I want to find a way to help those who are bitten by a vampire.

It wasnt easy for the Sorting Hat to find a house for me. First he wanted me to be a ravenclaw then he sorted me to Slytherin, maybe because of my high ambitions and my obstinate determination. I dont know. And I wont questioning.
I am open minded for my career after school. Maybe I will be a Healer too, like my mom, or maybe I will work for the ministry (Department for the guidance and supervision of magical creatures), or will I become an Auror?
Elder wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" and unyielding flexibility - this is my wand (pottermore said so) and my patronus is an adder., even if snakes are not my facourite animals.
My favourite classes so far are Potions and Herbology. I would like to be better in Defense against Dark Arts, I guess its very important. I am struggling with Magical History and Astronomy. And I am looking forward to Care of Magical Creatures.

My Pet and best friend is a small red Catbear. Sometimes I am not sure if he is not an animal - he is much too intelligent and able to search for food like a niffler is searching for gold. Other times hes so clumsy, I guess he is confounding his paws. And both of us enjoy cooking.
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