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BRIGITTE B WHITTLE MARI (name pronounced Brigette): wavy/curly chestnut waist-length hair, hair always loose with two strands of hair pulled back and tied with a lovely striped Hufflepuff ribbon, BUT her hair is somewhat frizzy so she always has little strands of hair escaping. she has a dark chocolate brown eyes and an average face. She is in her second year (12 yrs old) (I messed up the year she was born don't come after me) and in Hufflepuff, she has a younger first-year sister who's in Gryffindor, who she will protect with her life and loves very much. Her parents are divorced and both muggles, so she feels guilty leaving them all alone and going to Hogwarts, so she writes to them all the time, and although she DESPERATELY wants to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas (because like, THE DECORATIONS, THE FOOD!!!) she goes home every year during the winter break. She always wears her ties really neat with her shirt tucked in and really awesome shoes( like really cool converse hightops with Hufflepuff laces) since shes muggle-born she loves bringing in things from home to show her "pureblood friends" (like for example, a book of pokemon or something, or even a PEN! "Woah ITS LIKE A QUILL THAT DOESNT RUN OUT OF INK" *pen clicks* "AND IT CLICKS TOOOO!!!") she's a total sweetheart but a little bit insecure and can get really defensive. SHE WILL BEFRIEND ANYBODY!!! from the house-elves in the kitchen to the paintings and the ghosts ( they all know her by name). houses don't matter to her at all and she is ready to STRAIGHT UP RANT about house prejudice to anybody who dares contradict her.
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