RJ Cooper

Mazoologist, DJ, Student

I have always worn strength and darkness equally well. I will always be half goddess half devil.

  • Joined May 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 15 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


RJ’s Bio: When I was 7 they took me to a madhouse. I screamed and cried until they finally took me to an orphanage. Yeah you read it right. I’m an orphan- deal with it. Anyway they dumped me in orphanage after orphanage until we came to “Kelly’s Magical Misfits and Disappointments Orphanage”. They left me there and went to go help other kids in need of their “assistance”. What a joke! They just couldn’t wait to finally be rid of the orphan who didn’t try and fit in and be just like the rest of them. After they left me I made myself at home in my home for the time being. Apparently my parents were really important parts of the Wizarding community or something because everybody was always gushing stories about them like they were saints. They sure weren’t saints to me and Trent. I still remember what happened the day they gave us up. A couple had come looking for my brother and me and had tortured my parents for like 5 minutes. Then my parents cracked and handed their own children over! Aurors came and recovered us but not until after the couple had killed our parents in front of us. I don’t care about our parents though. This entire experience just made me tougher. They died 2 years ago or so I’m told, but I know that they actually died when I was 7 making it 6 years since they have died. When I was 11 I got my letter. I came to Hogwarts and I LOVE it here. I just can’t wait until I get to go into the world and become an OFFICIAL mazooligist! Just be careful around me because I can be pretty deceptive. Sorry just a bad habit! (Oh and my twin’s story is the same. I love you bro but I think you need to find some new friends....)

Nicknames: IBB, Spy
Family: Kent Cooper (father, deceased), Anne Malfoy (mother, deceased), Sierra Cooper (sister, missing), Trent Cooper (twin, always right beside her), Nutmeg (Niffler), Teah (Phoenix), Emalf (Hungarian Horntail), Ywons (Barn Owl)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 14
Relationship Status: Single (But my brother desperately needs a GF!)
Appearance: LONG curly blond hair, deep emerald green eyes, lightly tanned skin, about 5’2, fast hands (abandonment disorder)
Personality: Tough, INCREDIBLY intelligent,closed book, always ready to study, complete bookworm, likes to prank, deceptive, liar, IF you get to know her she is: sweet, kind, gentle, caring, loyal and supportive as HECK
Favorite places to be: Library, Black Lake, The Three Broomsticks Inn, Whomping Willow, Common Room Fire
Theme Songs: Black Magic By Little Mix, Salute By Little Mix, Power By Little Mix
Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Songwriting, Singing, DJing, Playing the guitar, Swimming, Swordplay
Powers: Can create lightning, Trance Voice, Can imprint feelings onto other people, Snapping
Favorite Outfit: Baggy Sweater, Black Ripped Jeans, Gold Hightop Vans, Aviators
Online BFFs: No one at the moment.....
Boggart: My brother forgetting me. And having to work in Gringotts.
Likes: Reading, Having Prank Wars, Stealing (abandonment disorder), Fingerless gloves, MUSIC, CREATURES, Being a DJ, My twin, the guitar, curling into a ball by the fire
Dislikes: Closed gloves, People dissing her family, People dissing her twin, bad grades, unfond memories, black quills
Mirror of Esrid: Standing in front of my dead parents showing them that I am not a mistake
Bad Habits: Liar, Short Fuse, Steals (abandonment disorder), Tugging hard on her hair
Favorite class: CoMC
Idol: Newt Scamander! I could gush on and on about him for months but I'm going to summarize it down to this: His work interests me to great lengths and his love for animals inspired me to want to become a mazoologist!
RECORD CONVO TIME: Longer than 45 seconds!!! :D:D:D
Wand: Fir wood with a unicorn hair core, 12" and brittle flexibility
Patronus: Bay Stallion
Biggest Dream: Learning how to fly on a broom. I have no idea how and I would love to learn!

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