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I live with my granddad, Mr. Ollivander. It's just me and him, my dad was killed by a hippogriff while my mum was pregnant (He loved creatures too) and my Mum and sisters had to move away because of mysterious reasons and I haven't seen them since. They left when I was five, I was to young to go with them. But I love living with my granddad! I got my letter one day when I was preparing biscuits and tea. A majestic screech owl flew through the kitchen window and handed me a cream colored envelope with my name on it! I aspire to one day be a expert in the care of magical creatures, since I love taking care of critters. I am an animagus, I can shift into a Bernese mountain dog. Granddad says thats rare for someone my age, and I should keep it to myself. I don't think I have a patronus yet, but I keep trying! Granddad took me into the shop to have my wand choose me. That was one of the most exciting days of my life! I got Holly and Dragon Heartstring! How fitting! I miss my mum to this day, not to mention my sisters Ivy, Elodie and Andromeda, but I am happy to go to Hogwarts. I hope to one day meet the famous Hagrid. I think I would get along swell in his class. I have a barn owl named Banshee, and she is the best owl I could possibly ask for. My best friend is Roselyn Daniella Valdez, we have been friends since I first met her in Granddad's shop!
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