Atticus Eisley

A Hazard to Society

Pronouns: Honestly given up on figuring them out you pick, I go by Ace.

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Name: Sal Eisley

Age: 17

Year: 6

House: Slytherin

Appearance: I have brown hair that looks almost blond, chocolate brown eyes, and lots of freckles from hours spent outside drawing or reading by the lake. I'm about 5' 10" and tend to dress using roughly the same outfit pieces: dark shirts(usually band tees), light wash jeans, and brown boots outside of the Hogwarts uniform.

Personality: I am fairly open to meeting new people and quite sociable. Most people think I would be the typical Slytherin because of my tendency for sass when someone is rude to my friends or just annoys me, but honestly it's a surprise to my friends that I didn't end up in Hufflepuff due to my intense feelings of loyalty and empathy when someone is hurting.

Backstory: I am a Pureblood with a fairly big family, being the second eldest of four siblings. My mother doesn't really care about blood status and raised her kids that way, until my stepfather came into the picture. My stepfather is extremely strict about blood status and treated the family like the typical high class Pureblood household. I hate him and the way he treats my family, but I have an extremely close relationship with Ollie(my eldest brother) and the twins Willa and Deana(the youngest).

Patronus: Golden Retriever

Animagus: I'm a metamorphmagus so all of them lol

~Fandoms I'm A Part of~

Legend of Zelda, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, Shadow and Bone, and a multitude of other things such as horror films just ask away.

If you wanna rp just ask me on my wall or owl me, and make sure to check through my rules first : )

~RP Rules & Housekeeping Things~

-Please don't call me Darling, Dear, or any variation thereof as it makes me uncomfortable.

-If it's a fandom related rp I have two OCs for each one listed and some that aren't, so just ask me about it and I'll send them to you.

-Please don't control my character.

-I don't do mature, abusive, anything romance related between family members, or adoption rps thank you very much.

-If you're going to leave, please let me know, it's a pet peeve of mine when people just disappear on me.

-Please put more than a sentence when you reply and try to keep it as intelligible as possible thanks!

-If you'd prefer Discord for rps I'm on there as well, just ask for my tag and I'll owl it to you 

-And finally, please write out your actions instead of just saying, *does action*, it's fine if you still use that method because you prefer it, I'd just appreciate it if it was avoided. Thanks :)

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