[ quinn ]

5'3 and super gay

༊·˚⠀when i see you with her ༄ؘ ˑ         ꕀ⠀it only gets worse.⠀ː͡➘₊̣̇⠀☁︎

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zodiac:: capricorn
element:: earth
house:: ravenclaw
credit:: nya
faceclaim:: idek at this point.

likes ::  sweaters,  winter,  rain, music, swimming, him<3, necklaces, indie clothing, tiktok, face masks (the skincare kind lol), cloudy days, sleeping, sage green, fuzzy socks, fairy lights, chase atlantic, girl in red, cavetown, conan gray, crystals, random texts, hugs from behind, eyeliner, poems, "<3".

dislikes :: louis (yes ur still on here), spiders, blood, stress, school, men, protests, bad weather.

mentions :: jared/mason - idk how to feel abt u. but guess what? ur important to me so u somehow got in my mentions<3 i hate u soo much but i also ly and thats really really weird. // aesha - i don't even know where to begin. ur literally the best, and i hate everyday without u. i miss u sm :(. // beverlie - GIRL ILY WE'RE LITERALLY SO ALIKE. I KINDA DONT KNOW U BUT UR AMAZING. GET BETTER SOON BB<3 // jadie - in progress lol. // millie - in progress lol. 

they / them.
ace. pan. 
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