Lily Eastwood -Gone-

Metamorphagus/HiH Therapist

Name: Lily Eastwood | Age: 13 | Blood Status: Muggleborn | Wand: Cherry, 9in, Phoenix feather |Patronus: Staffy | Skills: Metamorphagus

  • Joined May 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 179 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


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Hey! If you wanna be friends, just ask!

"Lily- you're one of the best friends I have here on HiH. You are both a great editor and an amazing friend. Thank you for all your help and support with my stories. You don't know how much I appreciate your kindness, compassion, and friendship. (Not just anyone can tolerate my venting for, like, hours on end.) So, thank you. Thank you for being my friend, and thank you for being here." -Kahala Naga

You are always going to be my friend, You have helped me, And we rped a few times, And you are a really good friend :)"-Bernadette Couture

Lily Eastwood is somebody ive been quietly watching. Not in the creepy way. She is a pretty nice girl, and extremely good at rp. If you have some spare time on HIH, i suggest RPing with her. - Lia, In The Shadows

Hi! I am Lily Eastwood, and here are my details:
Age: Not saying XD
Birthday: 23rd September
Godly Parent: Athena
Wand: Cherry, 9 1/2 Inches, Unicorn Tail core
Patronus: Staffy
Nickname/s: Lils, Lil. Anyone can call me these nicknames, or make their own if you want!
Looks: Pale, freckly, blonde (Though most of the time my hair Is pink)
Skills: Good at reading and writing, metamorphagus
Sibling/s: My brother Dexter and my sister Lauren (She has an account - Lauren Brown)
Pets: Lily-White (Three-headed dog), Ashe (Niffler), Ryder (Dragon)
Steluvius Black: Never fails to make me laugh, always has my back in a fight, amazing at roasts.
Kahala Naga: My first friend on this site, always there for me.
The Librarian (Libs) : An amazing writer, always sends me specials. Sweet and kind
Temmie: My best friend in real life, so amazing
Emilia Lestrange: Has the best headcanons, and has the whole site either laughing or crying
Manya: Is amazing, really funny and sweet. Really happy to call you my friend.
Hermione Potter Granger: My best friend forever, an amazing leader, a brilliant friend.
More may be added, these are all of my best friends
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