♥ Carina Hope ♥

♥ Student ♥

Hello, my name is Carina Hope. I love to be creative and have fun! I love goats (not wierd), and would love to roleplay or talk anytime!

  • Joined May 2020
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 107 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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♥ Full name: Carina Isabella Ashleigh Hope

♥ Birthday: January 3rd

♥ House: Gryffindor

♥ Hybrid House: GryffinPuff (gryffindor/hufflepuff)

♥ Blood status: Half-blood

♥ Allergy: Pollen from flowers, and bees

♥ Personality: fun, organised, fair, LOVES animals (escpecially goats), painter, active, kind, hard working, loyal, brave, outgoing

♥ Wand: Made of Laurel wood, with a core of Phoenix feather, 12 1/4 inches with a slightly springy flexibility

♥ Aesthetic: Pastels/minimalist

Made by me!

♥ Patronus: Red Squirrel

♥ Appearance: long dark brown hair, very dark brown eyes, lots of freckles, tan ish skin

♥ Family (Adopted): Jillian- mother, David- Father, Ian- little brother, Faren-little sister, Nora- little sister, Alexa little sister

♥ Family (original): Isabella-Mother Andrew-Father Camilla-Twin

♥ Star sign: Capricorn

♥ Favourite Colours: light blues, lilacs, pastels, blacks and grays

♥ Favourite Animal: Goats (: and cats

♥ Jobs:
~ Writer for Sunshine News co
~ Co-founder of C & C's Creations

Callie and Car the Munchkin Kittens

Callie Left, Car right (Car is male and 8 months, Callie is female and 8 months)

Bean the Scottich fold Cat

(Male, 3 years old)

Jade the Sand cat

(Female, 1 year old)

Cleo the Fennec fox

(Female, 4 years old)

Charlie the Pygmy Goat

(Male, 2 years old)

Sammy the black cat

(Male, thirteen years old)

Cream the Niffler

I get him from MAAA!
(male, 7 months)

Ruby the Aussiedoodle

(female, 10 months)

I was born on January 3rd. I have a twin named Camilla Hope. My both my parents were Magizoologists, my mother, a muggleborn, my father, a half-blood. my first sign of magic was when I was five, when I made my toothbrush brush my teeth on its own. When I was eight, my parents went on a reasurch in Peru, but died from a poisonus snake attack. I was soon adopted by Jillian, a Healer at Saint Mungos, and David, a muggle born Auror. I was adopted with my twin. I got my Hogwarts letter nine days before my Tenth birthday, and my whole family was exited. I finally got to go to Hogwarts with my sis!!

<summary>➳ Harry Potter</summary>
Scarlett Jones

Name: Scarlett May Jones
House: Gryffindor
Eye colour: hazel
Hair colour: red
Patronus: Fox
Personality: fun, prankster, intelligent, loyal, witty, sarcastic, stubborn

Lorelei Davis

Name: Lorelei Rose Davis
House: Ravenclaw
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: Brown
Patronus: Peacock
Personality: Intelligent, creative, witty, kind, helpful, daring

<summary>➳Keeper of the lost Cities</summary>
Maddy Ryan

Name: Maddy Stella Ryan
Family: Unknown
Adopted Family: Alden Vacker (father), Della Vacker (mother), Alvar Vacker (Older brother), Fitz Vacker (older brother), Biana Vacker (younger sister) 
Personality: Fun, creative, bold, brave, intelligent, loyal, protective, strong, talented, welcoming
Power: Mesmer, inflictor, vanisher

Ivy Knak

Name: Ivy Therese Knak
Family: Jacob Knak (younger brother), Mary and Joe Knak (parents)
Personality: Creative, funny, bold, courageous, determined, loyal, great leader, protective
Power: Empath, Conjeror.

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