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Hey i'm Annabelle! If u follow me i will follow u back, If you message me i will try and message u back! x

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Age-18 depending on rp
Family- Madison Fisher (Mum, Witch, Age 32) / Jaden Fisher (Dad, Wizard, age 30) / Toby Fisher (Brother, Wizard, age 19) / Rose Fisher (Twin sister, Witch, age 18) / Isabelle Fisher (Sister, witch, age 10) / Clemmie (Sister, Witch, age 7)
Wears- Boyfriend Jeans, Cropt tops, Doc Martins/Air Forces
Appearance- Long blonde hair, Brown eyes, A secret heart tattoo on her wrist, Ear piercings
Sexuality- Straight
Boyfriend- Isaac Bolton
Gender- Female
School House- Gryffindor
Best friend- Dixie

Nicknames- Annie (anyone) / Ann (Pls dont) / Belle (If u want to) / Bella (IDK) / Anniebel (Only Megan)

Lily Shine-
Age: 11
House- Ravenclaw
Gender: Female
Best Friend- Maddie Evans
Shy but if u insult her or her best friend then you might want to take cover
Sexuality- Straight

Lexi Paun-
Age: 16
House: Gyriffindor
Best Friend: Addison Yale
Boyfriend: George Clingston
Bright, Funny, Popular, Pretty
Sexuality- Straight

Oliver Payne:
Age: 14
House: Hufflepuff
Gender: Male
Best Friend: Alex Maint
Girlfriend: Maisee Net
Kind, Helpful, Shy
Sexuality: Straight

Ava & Isabelle Hall-
Status: Identicle Twins
Age: 10
House: Unknown (Read my book, IT TAKES TWO to find out soon!)
Gender: Females
Best Friend: Each Other (And their cousins, Charlotte and Jaden
Kind, Pretty, Sweet

Rose Hall (Ava & Isabelle Younger Sister)
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Best friend: Lydia Payton
Kind, Pretty, Cute

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