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About Me

Key Information:

Full Name: Nymphadora Lilac Walters

Preferred Name: Lilac

Pronouns: they/them irl (subject to change), she/her in roleplay because it's easier

Gender: Search me/

Age: 11 years

Birthday: No thanks :)

Sexuality: Not there yet

Me on the Outside:

Height: 4' 11'' and don't judge

Weight: Haven't the faintest idea

Hair: Very thick, cut into a short bob

Face: Wider than tall, no acne, no freckles, no glasses

Eyes: Dark brown, glows when the light shines on them. Dunno what the shape is called.

Lips: I never cared.

Skin color: Well-tanned, easily darkened but not sunburned. 

Body: Well, when my father brought me to the "doctor," he (the latter) said that I'm supposed to be very solid but I don't look it. Try to get that picture in your head.

Me on the Inside:

Personality: No constant mood, shifting personality, generally patient, sometimes impatient, and usually thoughtful-looking

Hobbies: Used to be a lot of them. At Hogwarts, I only have time for reading, writing, poetry, drawing... and singing, though I'm no good at it.

Favorite Books: I refuse to go through this torture.

Favorite Animal: See Favorite Books

Favorite Color: See Favorite Animal

BackstoryLilac is a half-blood: Muggle father and witch mother. Her mother named her Nymphadora after a witch from a long, long time ago, though Lilac had always detested that name. Her older sister, Zinnea (now out of Hogwarts), had given her her middle name. They had not been very rich or very poor: just enough to live a relatively comfortable life. The letter was a surprise for no one; by then, Lilac's father had gotten used to the fact that he now lived in a magical family. Once at Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat took at least one minute, forty-two seconds, and three hundred sixty-eight milliseconds to decide between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but in the end, it made what Lilac always considers the right choice.

(Sorry, that was a bit brief)

Me at Hogwarts:

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: White ash and unicorn hair core, ten and three-quarters inches, unyielding

PatronusHasn't conjured one yet, but it will be a wolf

Animagus: Not interested :/

Quidditch Position: I'm a first-year, silly!

[Missing anything on here? Send me an owl.]


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