Blake Hans Magnus Salgord

Magiveterinarian and Dragonologist

Hufflepuff House Member, Loyal, Friendly, Cook, Rune and Language Junkie

  • Joined May 2020
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 8237 House Points
  • 3rd Year
  • United States


   My name is Blake Hans Magnus Salgord. I started my magical education at Ilvermorny School in Massachusettes, where I was a member of Thunderbird house. I transferred to Hogwarts during my third year when my family moved back to my hometown of Olso, Norway. I am a proud member of Hufflepuff. I am very excited to be attending Hogwarts as becoming a wizard has always been a dream of mine. In the Muggle world, I am a chef. I love food,and this love lead me to a career in culinary arts. Aside from English, I speak Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish and Norwegian. I love to travel as well. I have several career interests/goals: Auror, Magilinguist, Magianthropologist, Magizoologist or even a Healer. I am not exactly sure where my magical talents lie, so it will certainly take some time before I can make a solid decision. The opportunities at Hogwarts are endless, so who knows what will happen? I am looking forward to making great memories with all of my professors and classmates over these next seven years! Name: Blake Hans Magnus Salgord Patronus: African Elephant Wand: Ebony wood, 13 1/2" Unicorn hair core, solid flexibility Parents: Inga Kjerste-Ingeborg Salgord and Hans Kristoffer Salgord Occupation: Student Siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My sisters, Elin Marianne Salgord and Anja Terese Salgord are currently N.E.W.T students studying Healing Arts. Elin is a member of Ravenclaw house, while. My two brothers, Sven Ivar Salgord and Andreas Espen Salgord, graduated from Hogwarts two years ago. They are proud alumni of Gryffindor house. Sven is no working as a curse breaker in Egypt, and Andreas is working as a research herbologist for the Ministry of Magic. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green House: Hufflepuff Birthday: August 30th Zodiac Sign: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Tiger Favorite Courses: Herbology, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Potions, Alchemy Interests: Languages, Runic and Script-Based Magic, Elemental Magic, Magical Creatures, Alchemical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Potions Pets: A Niffler, name Durango, a Kneazle named Luna

Grade Summary

Year One

Astronomy    83% (EE)

Herbology     90% (O)

History of Magic  95% (O)

Potions   95% (O)

Transfiguration 95% (O)

Charms 92% (O)

Defense Against the Dark Arts   95% (O)


Year 2

Alchemy                         92% (O)

Ancient Runes                95% (O)

Astronomy                     92% (O)

Care of Magical Creatures    97% (O)

Charms                            92% (O)

Defense Against the Dark Arts  86% (EE)

Divination                        97% (O)                

History of Magic             92% (O)

Potions                            93% (O)

Transfiguration              94% (O)


Year 3

Alchemy  93% (O)

Ancient Runes 91% (O)

Astronomy   93% (O)

Ancient Studies  97% (O)

Care of Magical Creatures  98% (O) 

Charms  86% (EE)

Defense Against the Dark Arts   91% (O)

Herbology    93% (O)

History of Magic   91% (O) 

Muggle Studies     96 % (O)

Potions                 87% (O)

Transfiguration   90% (O)


Year 4

Alchemy    93% (O)

Ancient Runes 92% (O)

Ancient Studies  97% (O)

Care of Magical Creatures 95% (O)
Charms  89% (EE)

Defense Against the Dark Arts 95% (O)

Herbology   93% (O)

History of Magic 97% (O)

Muggle Studies (current): 100% (O)

Mythology 87% (EE)

Potions 90% (O)

Transfiguration 95% (O)


Year Five 

Alchemy         92% (O)

Alchemy OWL    95% (O)

Ancient Runes     93% (O)

Ancient Runes OWL    92% (O)

Ancient Studies    95% (O)

Care of Magical Creatures    96% (O)

Care of Magical Creatures OWL   94% (O)

Charms    93% (O)

Charms OWL  85% (O)

History of Magic  94% (O)

History of Magic OWL   94% (O)

Defense Against the Dark Arts (current)   91% (O)

Herbology (current)    92% (O)

Mythology (current)   100% (O)

Potions  90% (O)

Transfiguration  92% (O)

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