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[Taking a break, so offline for a couple days] Hi, I'm Rowan! I'm a proud Ravenclaw in my second year at Hogwarts and a crazy HP nerd :)

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Hey, my name is Rowan! I love reading, and, as you can probably tell by my backstory, my favorite color is purple. I am also a proud and devoted Ravenclaw student!

Basic Info:

Name: Rowan Blackthorn
Pronouns: she/her
Age: Don't want to say specifically, but I'm a teenager :)
Appearance: Long blond hair, gray-ish blue eyes, average height, pale skin
Personality: Usually really nice and loud (although I am very quiet sometimes, when I read for example), I don't get mad easily but I can be very mean if I am mad


I found out that I was a wizard around two years ago; I was on my way to my Muggle school when a bunch of weird stuff started happening. Turns out my mom, who had passed away several years after I had been born, had been a witch, but she had been too afraid to tell my dad. For those two years, I felt completely out of place and had no idea what to do with myself; but then, an owl arrived at my window with my Hogwarts acceptance letter. After this happened, my dad told me how my mom had asked him to keep a chest that he should give to me if a similar letter ever came. When I opened the chest, I found out that my mother had kept all of her old Hogwarts things, including her books, robes, and even her broom, in hopes that I would go to Hogwarts on day. For the rest of the summer until the start of school, I read as many of her books as I good to get a better sense of the magical world that I was to become part of.

HP Info:

I have a 14 1/2-inch hawthorn wand with a unicorn hair core and hard flexibility, and my Patronus is a white mare.

Groups on HiH: (click here)
- Hogwarts Drama (not very active there though)
- Ravenclaw's Common Room
- Hogwarts Orchestra
- Just Write It! (writing group)
- Dating Roleplay (just to rp though)
- House Point Competition Group
- Readers Club
- Ravendor
- LightningClan (Warrior cats Clan) (rp group)
- JACK SPARROW FANS FOR LIFE!!!!!! (fandom group)
- Advertising Group
- HiH Association for Library Enhancement(HALE)
- Peculiar High (rp group)
- The Fan-Fiction Library (writing group)
- The Conspiracy Theorists
- The Pun Society
- Erroneous (rp group)
- Land of the Enchanted (rp group)
- The Galaxy Gang (writing group)
- Writers Block (writing group)
- Authors (writing group)
- Gallagher Academy For Exceptional Young Woman (rp/fandom group)
- Hih Yearbook
- Toil and Trouble at Hogwarts! (rp group)
- Heroes & Villains (rp group)
- Ravenclaw Book Club


I am a MAJOR bookworm, and I loooooove reading of all types, mostly fiction. Currently reading: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (re-reading)


Other than HP, of course, I'm a fan of Percy Jackson, Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and Divergent, as well as the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.


I am an aspiring writer. I'm currently working on two books: one is "Of Gods and Monsters" (link: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/14899/ ), which is a Percy Jackson fan fic, and the other is "Lost in the Ashes" (link: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/17015/ ) which is a story about a spy named Alice. I try to update "Of Gods and Monsters" every Saturday, and "Lost in the Ashes" every Sunday. It would be amazing if you could check them out!


I also dance competitively, and I am currently doing about 9 hours of dance per week. The styles that I do are ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hiphop, acro, and musical theatre; but my favorite are probably ballet, acro, and hiphop.

Current Grades:

Year One (Completed):
Charms: 90%
Astronomy: 92%
Transfiguration: 96%
Defense Against the Dark Arts: 94%
Herbology: 98%
History of Magic: 92%
Potions: 96%

Year Two (In Progress):
Herbology (Completed): 90%
Astronomy (Completed): 96%
Transfiguration (Completed): 98%
Potions (Completed): 92%
Care of Magical Creatures (In Progress): 99%
Alchemy (Not Started Yet): -%
Ancient Runes (Not Started Yet): -%
History of Magic (Not Started Yet): -%
Charms (Not Started Yet): -%
Defense Against the Dark Arts (Not Started Yet): -%
Divination (Not Started Yet): -%

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