Evan Malfoy

Student/Quidditch Chaser

"But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" ~~Albus Dumbledore

  • Joined May 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


Hi! I'm Evan Malfoy, oldest sibling of 4. I'm currently 15, turning 16 next October. My younger siblings currently study at Hogwarts, except for Leah. She is the youngest and is only 10. She can come next year. My other sister's, Oliva (12) and Charlotte(14) most people call her Charlie. Yes, I'm the only boy of the family, other then dad. Even our family Owl is a girl! My favorite food is Soba, as I've been to Japan before. I have lots of friends, and I play Quidditch for the Slytherin team as a Chaser. I came out as Pansexual about a year ago, and have been happier ever since! I enjoy watching movies, playing quidditch, and annoying others.

Owl me if your ever looking for someone to rp with!
I hope to see you around!

======Other Oc's========

Name:Lillian Luara
Family: Older brother> Fritz Lovegood Father>??? Mother> Deceased
House: Slytherin
Favorite sport: Quidditch, but always had been too scared to try out for the team.
Favorite Quidditch position: seeker
Patronus: Lynx Cat.
Wand: Black walnut wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¼" and unyielding flexibility
Zodiac: Virgo

Hello, my name is Levi! I'm a 7th Year Ravenclaw and I'm currently studying to be a Photographer for the Daily Prophet. I'm Gay! I love to watch anime, go on long walks, and to take pictures of the world around me. Most of the time I'm very shy, but I become flirty when I find just the right guy. I also short and clumsy, and I have light blonde hair. My wand is a thick rosewood wand. It is just shy of ten and one-quarter inches long. It has a core of centaur tail hair. My patronus is a rabbit, and I have one older sister! My father and mother live at home. My birthday is in July, and my favorite food is scones. My sister works in France, so she bring's them home alot. I have some close friends, and I don't like to interact with any Slytherins. That's about it,

I hope to see you around!

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