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Angel of Death, Blood Deity

"Tommy, the thing is, you're using words. But the thing about this world, Tommy, is that the only universal language is violence." - Technoblade

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~ WIP Backstory~

The Sage:

Hello! I'm the owner of this account. I go by a multitude of names, but so far just call me Elliot or Eryn/Erin (I also go by Ellickan)! Thanks.

Here's my information:




Name: Elliot (Eryn/Erin) Ellickan-Allenhade


~ Archer (Everyone)

~ Anarchy (Everyone)

~ Lemon (No one for now.)

~ Cherry (Friends)

~ kiwi [in lowercase] (Friends)

~ Eri (Acquaintances.)

~ Ellie (Friends?)

~ Av (Anyone from the HQL)

Face Claim: Niki Nihachu! (If she's uncomfortable with it I'll switch immediately. If she said she's uncomfortable just say so on my wall, thanks!) (Just to point it out I don't roleplay AS Niki, it's just I chose my face claim to be Niki!)

Physical Desciprtion: Short (5'1", sorry Em /j /t), thin blonde hair with blue/purple/pink highlights. More on the skinny side, pale skin, blue-green eyes.


~ INTP-T (Turbulent Logician)

~ Sarcastic, aloof, distant, polite (most of the time. I'm sorry if I say something rude, I don't intend to. Please tell me)

~ Partially apathetic

Sexuality: Biromantic Asexual

Gender: Demigirl, Questioning

Pronouns: She/they/he (Any! I mostly use they/them or he/they online), and void/fae/lemon for neopronouns.





~ Dream SMP/MCYT (And some AUs, namely Farewell Wanderlust and Bones in the Ocean)

~ Harry Potter

~ Percy Jackson

~ Ready Player One

~ Avengers

~ The Hunger Games

~ Divergent

~ Children of Blood and Bone

~ Shadow and Bone (Grishaverse, but I've only read the first book)

~ Warrior Cats

~ and maybe more. This will update as I get into more fandoms, and I frankly don't really leave fandoms...




Social Medias:

Discord: kiwi#???? - Ask to DM me/if you want to talk on there.

Twitch: Arxchery or Lxmondog.

AO3: Eryn_Haraei




Mutual/Active Friendships, or who I consider friends (I'm so sorry if I left someone out! Really! Please tell me if we're active friends and I forgot to add you to this list):

~ Emma Estrella

~ Ru

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