Edian Everstied

Angel of Death, Blood Prince, Neimchki

"Tommy, the thing is, you're using words. But the thing about this world, Tommy, is that the only universal language is violence." - Technoblade

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I've rewritten my backstory several times, so here's the most updated version:


I'm not very active on here anymore, but I'll check in fairly often, depending. I just have projects I've been working, as well as school and extracurriculars.


You may call me any of the following:

Theseus, Alastair, Eryn, Av, Nicks, Arson, Elliot, Eiden, Edian, or Anarchy

Or, you can just call me Eiden Meyers! It's all how you'd like.

I use any pronouns, sort of including neos - I prefer they/them in general, but others are fine. My neos are fae/faer, voi/void, bee/bees, and I'm also fine with it/its.


A few things about me:

~ I am a minor

~ My favourite season is autumn, and/or winter

~ I prefer colder climates in general

~ My patronus is the pine marten

~ I love writing and reading

~ My native language is English, I am not fluent in any other language ;v;


If you'd like to roleplay, I'm up for it! I'm sorry, but I'm not the best at keeping up casual conversation. I'm pretty awkward, in a way, but I'm more relaxed when you get to know me. I've written several short stories on AO3, and I'm a multi-fandom person!

I play Minecraft, Genshin, and Valorant.


A few of the fandoms I'm in:

~ The Tea Dragon Society

~ Minecraft/MCYT (DreamSMP, SMP Earth [Ehh it's kind of disbanded], for examples)

~ The Hunger Games

~ Divergent

~ Genshin Impact

~ Valorant

~ The Wizarding World (Respect the worldbuilding and the fandom, but the creator... ah..-)

~ The Giver Quartet, if that counts

~ Percy Jackson (All mythologies)


Roleplays I'm willing to do:

~ Muggle

~ Tea Dragon Society (Probably this as a mix with Muggle or some other one)

~ Minecraft (Sort of RPF/Real-Person Fiction style, if that makes sense.)

~ Youtube (Not IRL/actual Youtubers/content creators, sorry. I'm uncomfortable with that)

~ Genshin (Not canon characters, sorry)


^^This is pretty flexible, I can also do roleplays for the fandoms I'm in.

I may use the same OC for roleplays, or not. My main is Karter Haven, otherwise known as Evien (Ev-E-in). Others I may use are Kaecilius Lennon King (KC/Lemon) (he/they), or Bronwyn Aphelion Jonas (Aphy/Jonas) (she/they). There could be more - I like to mix up names and ideas.


I only do platonic RPs as of now, sorry!

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