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"Tommy, the thing is, you're using words. But the thing about this world, Tommy, is that the only universal language is violence." - Technoblade

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Hello, it's wonderful to meet you :D

Please refer to me as Elliott or Min! My pronouns are he/they -- you can just use he/him if it's easier to go with. I'm sorry if I'm not the best with roleplays and conversations -- my social anxiety extends to the online world -- but I'll do my best to keep up!


Fandoms/genres I'm active in:

- Figure Skating (Team Champéry forever)

- Kpop (SKZ, but I'm also a TXT fan? Not quite a MOA, but I love the groups I listen to :D)

...And that's actually kind of it... sorry :/

I'd love to do roleplays surrounding these fandoms/genres, and I also love the idea of cyberpunk and generally dystopian themes, as well as fantasy!


As for my characters, I'm pretty versatile with them, I think. I prefer to roleplay as male or non-binary, but that doesn't strictly mean I have to.


Here's a few ground rules I'd like to set for roleplaying with me:

  • Keep things platonic/romantic! I am a minor. But, hey, we can be cuddlebugs and zucchinis! I love zucchinis <3

  • General grammar -- no casual texting, please. Outside of roleplay? Feel free to! But in roleplay it puts me off.

  • More than one sentence? I get it if it's hard, and you don't have to do too much; I just need enough detail to work out what I'm going to put down next. If you have ideas for the story/plot that you can't really hint in roleplay, tell me outside and we can work it out :D

    • Also don't write, like... full essays- you can also tell me if I write too little/too much!

  • No RPF/roleplaying as actual people... This makes me uncomfortable because they're actual people with lives, and I want to respect their boundaries and privacy. I'm okay with mentioning them in roleplay, but not roleplaying as them at all.

  • I prefer MxM for romance -- This might just be me projecting, so I'm really sorry if that's not your preference but I really don't think I'm good with straight roleplay, and I'm more comfortable roleplaying in my gender (or non-binary-- I float around, anyhow).

  • So, where are we going? -- Admittedly, I'm kind of a nervous wreck when it comes to social interactions, and this extends to roleplays. I'd prefer if we talked about things like where the plot is going; I enjoy improvisation, but if you want to create a conflict, suggest a resolution, or even add a plot to begin with (as opposed to, for example, having a lot of fluffy slices of life), please tell me! I'm not good at leading when it comes to this, especially if we don't talk about it.

  • Red, yellow, green -- I may have other limits, but those are things that would be more specific to whatever roleplay is happening; if there's something that makes me uncomfortable or if I want to stop the roleplay, I'll do my best to tell you -- and I hope you do too. Honestly the stoplight system works here, but that might be a bit weird so just... be upfront? Like Lee Know or IN!


If you're willing to bear with these rules (thank you) and would like to roleplay with me, I'm all up for it! Check out some of the starters posted on my wall and I'll see if I can get back to you (owls are most convenient!). I will warn you, however, that I've been on a prolonged social media hiatus... kind of. My social battery isn't the best, and schoolwork doesn't help either... if we're in a pretty involved roleplay then I'll try to come online more often, though!

Thank you for reading this all, and I hope you have a wonderful, insomnia-free day :D

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