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Hi, I am Silvanus Lupin McGonagall Grindelwald-Dumbledore! I am a hat-stall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Please read my backstory!!

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<font face=cursive><font color=blue>I am a muggle-born Ravenclaw student (Well I am a Hat-stall, between <marquee behavior=“scroll” direction=“right”><center><font size=“3”><font face=pacifico><font color=red>Gryffindor a<font color=blue>nd Ravenclaw.</center></marquee> <font face=cursive><font color=blue>The Hat, in the end, decided on an absolute tie!) In other words, I got the Room of Requirement as my Common Room/Dorm, because the Hat would have to stay on me for YEARS to figure out Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. I can get into the Common Rooms of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw because of it though! (Father (Gellert Grindelwald) thought I should be able to get into both Common Rooms to make it fair.) I was born in the U.S., but for my 11th Birthday, My Muggle Parents and I went to the U.K.! I got my acceptance letter while I was there. When we got home my parents kicked me out of their house because I was a wizard. I left my parent's house and ran. (I took some money with me!) I stayed on the streets because the airports wouldn't let me buy a ticket, because I was a minor. I got to an airport and stole a plane ticket to London. My luck right! (I do feel bad. More so than others because I stole it from a kid!) When I finally got into London, I ran for a long time until I eventually stumbled into The Leaky Cauldron with very torn clothing. Everyone in the Cauldron had turned to look at me. I did not realize that I had stumbled into the Wizarding World. I exited the Cauldron and walked for a few minutes when I passed out due to not having anything to eat or drink for hours. When I woke, I found myself in a strange place. I later learn that two Wizards from the Cauldron had seen me collapse, and had taken me in. They then adopted me when they realized what happened. My adopted parents are Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. (Know what's funny? They adopted me on the same day as my 13 birthday! That's luck I don't feel bad about! :)) I started Hogwarts later due to those idiotic muggles! I'm just happy Dad (Albus Dumbledore) wanted me to attend Hogwarts at 13! My aunt is Minerva McGonagall. (I call her my aunt but she isn't actually my aunt.) My Godfather is Remus Lupin. My Godbrother is Terance Lupin-Black. (The son of Remus. You should follow him!) My full name is Silvanus Lupin McGonagall Grindelwald-Dumbledore. (I had a different name when I lived with my muggle parents.) I got a pet Phoenix from Newt Scamander. I also became a registered Animagi. I am good at Transfiguration (You can thank my "aunt" for that.) and Defence Against the Dark Arts. (I had a Godfather for that, his name, Remus Lupin!)

<summary>Wand</summary> <font color=orange>Aspen wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 1/2" and surprisingly swishy flexibility

<font color=blue>Pet: Phoenix (No, not Fawkes) The name of the Phoenix is Hunter. Hunter is the one who does all my letter carrying! (According to Dad, (Albus Dumbledore) they can carry immensely heavy loads, soo, I kind of put him to use in the Owlery! He gets to carry my mail into my Common Room/Dorm because I wanted him to.)

Patronus: Otter

Animagus: Cat

<summary>N<font color=bronze>i<font color=blue>c<font color=bronze>k<font color=blue>n<font color=bronze>a<font color=blue>m<font color=bronze>e<font color=blue>s</summary> <font color=red>Silv (Terance Lupin-Black came up with it) <font color=green>(Please ask if you can use that name!)
<font color=black> Silvy (<font color=yellow>E<font color=black>l<font color=yellow>i<font color=black>z<font color=yellow>a<font color=black>b<font color=yellow>e<font color=black>t<font color=yellow>h<font color=black> Black came up with it) (<font color=black>Only <font color=yellow>E<font color=black>l<font color=yellow>i<font color=black>z<font color=yellow>a<font color=black>b<font color=yellow>e<font color=black>t<font color=yellow>h<font color=black> Black can use it.)
<font color=blue>(I am taking suggestions. Owl me or comment/post on my wall if you have a nickname for me.)

Here is the link to follow Terance! (Please do!)
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