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Hola khe ase? Welcome to my profile. I hope you don't get carried away by first impressions, you'll probably be surprised.

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I'm originally from Peru, but because of my dad's work we often move house or country. My mother is a witch and my father is a muggle so I am mestiza race. I am the second of two brothers. My older brother Clay also studies at hogwarts, albeit with low grades, but he specializes in what he likes most about magical creatures and does very well even if he is far from us.
He showed his magical gifts from a very young age, mom said that when she caught a cold at 3 years old he would make bubbles of mucus or things would disappear. However, I never showed magical gifts until I was eight years old, when mom would force me to cut my hair or she would cut it, because my father said I grew very messy and didn't look good in the muggle world, but my hair would grow instantly when I cut it.
They decided to send me to my aunt's house for a short time where they went on a trip to a dad's work conference. My aunt is a witch and specializes in astrology and potions with flowers or non-magical herbs, always to invent.
She made me learn some things about this, I like to read a lot so I usually ask for books and more on these subjects, and that's why I expect a lot from these three courses involved.
By the time my parents returned from Europe, I was old enough to enter classes, mom didn't think I would get the hogwarts letter just like me, but one day my cat missward with every letter that falls through the door plays with her, one afternoon several CARDS fell down together and then the last one she got together missward seemed very strange to me, a yellow envelope looked old, I called mom as I approached and I saw a big "h" I was excited, I removed the envelope from my cat and they were all delighted when they moved to hogwarts.
My aunt as a gift took me to diagon and gave me my broom and uniform, my parents gave me my books and the train station ticket and my brother sent me money with a note saying "congratulations little sister, many successes, the money is for your wand" I went to ollivander without thinking about it. Besides that I bought an owl and brought it with me as well as missward and I am glad to know that both get along very well.
My wand: hawthorn wood with 10 1/4 unicorn hair core and slightly elastic flexibility my spectrum patronus: it's a red squirrel, and even though it doesn't seem to be strong and it's little how you will be surprised by its inestimable power like me my house: gryffindor I must admit that I was quite surprised when the hat selector chose me in gryffindor, so I have many fears and I haven't felt brave many, but also in few occasions I've been able to face it without deranging.
In muggles I study advertising and marketing I take extra courses in photography, writing and graphic design to be able to specialize more quickly. I'm shy so I always expect the other person to take the first step to socialize, however once I'm confident I'm shy.
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