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My name is Naama Lestrange. Allow me to introduce myself, without too much information of course. Just like any new Hogwarts student, I was nervous going up to Sorting Hat. For me, it was everyone hearing my last name that gave me butterflies in my stomach. Whispers swam throughout the hall because everyone knows my family is full of death eaters. My father, Rabastan Lestrange, was one of the Dark Lord's closest followers. The students quieted quickly as I took a seat. To my dismay, the Sorting Hat was just as surprised as the students. But of course the hat was more interested in what qualities I had. "Clever, ambitious, very brave, and very loyal too. I see. Well, I could place you in any house, really, but you'd do very well in Gryffindor." "Oh no. I can't have that!" I thought, terrified. "Why not?" the hat asked me. "I am brave and few things scare me, but I can't live up to that sort of reputation." That wasn’t the whole truth. A Lestrange in Gryffindor? My family wouldn’t get over it. The hat searched my mind a bit more. “I disagree, but when in doubt, I better put you where you will learn the most." Would I be in Ravenclaw? I squeezed my eyes shut and: "SLYTHERIN!!" Now, I am in my sixth year, and trying to avoid the Death Eaters as much as possible, but I've got to finish off a vendetta against my aunt Bellatrix. I discovered in my third year my talent for wandless magic. However, I also discovered my complications with regards to dark magic. Of course, since my parents are Death Eaters, it's a problem. Especially now that I'm older, they are trying to get me involved. I never asked for it, nor do I want it. But what can you do? Sincerely, Naama Lestrange 

.•◦ Age.•◦ Based on the rp. (Usually 15 or 16 though)

.•◦ Gender.•◦ Female

.•◦ Personality.•◦ Caring, clever, strong, honest, stubborn, snarky, argumentative, all those good Slytherin qualities…

.•◦ Appearance.•◦  Height: 5"2 Brown eyes, Long dark curly brown hair, Small but strong and athletic.

.•◦ Wand.•◦ Pine wood, 12 3/4 inches, dragon heart-string core

.•◦ Patronus.•◦ Lion

.•◦ Secret animagus.•◦ I just said it was secret

.•◦ Boggart.•◦ Fear is weakness. If it exists, keep it a secret.

.•◦ Amortensia.•◦ Light perfume, the ocean, the forest, metal.

.•◦ Pets.•◦ A black cat named Trixie, a grey cat named Pluto, and a bird (sparrowhawk) that roams the grounds freely named Artemis.

.•◦ Favorite classes.•◦ Potions and Herbology. Also interested in the Dark Arts just to learn…

.•◦ Hobbies.•◦ Sketching, reading, being in animagus form, archery, walking next to the ocean or in a forest

.•◦ Family.•◦ Faye Lestrange (Cousin) Hanna Branfield (Hufflepuff Best Friend)

.•◦ Photos.•◦

.•◦My RP Friends

 - Julia Delacour

 - Celestria 

- Anna Potter

 - 「 shelby 」

 - ❝emerson sapphire❞


.•◦ O.C..•◦ Elizabeth Cole

 Gender: Female 

Appearance: Hazel/golden brown eyes, Long brown hair, often dyed blonde and pink, Very pretty but intimidating. 5"6, tall and curvy.

Age: Usually 17 but depends on roleplay 

Sexuality: Lesbian 

Personality: Extroverted, fun, protective, loyal, strong, determined, kind.

(For HP roleplay)

 Blood Status: Half Blood 

House: Gryffindor 

Wand: Apple wood, unicorn hair, 12" 

Patronus: Horse 

(For the PJO fans: daughter of Aphrodite)


.•◦ O.C.•◦ Ayara Grace

Gender: Female 

Appearance: Long wavy black hair, Intense dark green eyes, gentle yet powerful features, small slim figure, 5"4 

Age: usually 16, but depends on roleplay

Sexuality: Unknown 

Personality: Introverted, independent, ambitious, cunning, honest.

(For HP roleplay) 

Blood Status: Pure Blood 

House: Slytherin 

Wand: Blackthorn wood, Basilisk horn, 12.5" 

Patronus: Lion 

Animagus: Black Lion 

(For the PJO fans: Daughter of Nemesis-Hunter of Artemis)


.•◦ O.C. .•◦ Reynard (Rey) Harrett

House: Hufflepuff 

Gender: Male 

Age: Depends on roleplay 

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Golden brown hair that falls around his face, hazel eyes, a sweet smile, 5"6 

Wand: Beech wood, 11", phoenix feather 

Patronus: Dapple grey horse 

Personality: Rey was a hat stall. He is fiercely loyal, brave, and intelligent, he is determined and persistent, bold and persuasive. He had qualities from every house, but when asked by the sorting hat what his preference was, Rey said Hufflepuff for he valued the dedication and no other house felt quite right. 

Backstory: Rey is a half blood: muggle mother, wizard father. On his father's side, the family was mostly Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Rey is a hardworking student, but he wishes he had some more excitement in his life other than the time he can spend with his friends playing games or practicing transfiguration. He enjoys Herbology and reading, but also muggle sports outdoors. Of course, he can only play football/soccer in the summertime when he is not at Hogwarts, though he did teach a few of his wizard friends how to play.


.•◦ O.C. .•◦ William (Will) Strand

 -Not a Harry Potter O.C.-

 Age: Depends on roleplay, usually 18 

Appearance: Blonde hair, icy blue eyes, 6"1, strong, serious yet kind expressions 

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Formal, kind, strong, determined, helpful, persuasive 

Description: William is descended from princes, but holds no real status himself. He spends his time on the ocean, sailing, fishing, swimming, you name it. He is captain of his own ship called the 'Faithful Legacy'. He travels around the north, helping those in need, administering trade businesses, and keeping an eye out for a lovely woman to invite aboard his ship, to perhaps be co-captain, or more.

.•◦ Character Aesthetics (In order).•◦ 

Send me an OWL if you want me to make you one!

.•◦ Without the magic.•◦

Well, since you've made it this far, I might as well tell you what I'm like without my character covering me. I'm just a girl trying to get through high school. (Can't tell you my grade ofc.) Random things: I used to do gymnastics, my amortensia potion would smell like air after spring rain, freshly baked cookies, and perfume. I hate labels [for myself, you do you of course]. I would be the one to sneak out into the forbidden forest and spend hours there. Things I like: Music, reading, drawing, movies. Writing: I'm currently working on a novel, feel free to ask about it if you want! Archery: I'm pretty decent at it. 

I'm a very complicated person, but one thing you can count on is that if you are a kind person, I would love to be your friend, regardless of who you are.

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