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Basic Info:

Full Name: Stella Dakota Marie Morgan

Nicknames: Stelly Teen the Jelly Bean, Stelzzz, Stells, Stel, and Stelly Belly

Birthday: August 31

Family: Mother (Juline Morgan), father (Christopher Morgan), brother (Reece Morgan) -- deceased

Wand: Rowan wood, phoenix feather core, 12 1/2 inches, and slightly yielding flexibility.

Patronus: Red panda

Boggart: Undiscovered



Stella Morgan has always had a contradicting personality. She’s shy when she’s unsure of things, but around her trusted friends, she’s not afraid to make mistakes. She loves reading and studying in the library but can get distracted on the quidditch pitch and completely forget to do her homework.

Stella grew up in a muggle family, with no knowledge of the wizarding world. That is, until her older brother Reece received his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. Their parents were thrilled with Reece’s invitation and wholeheartedly supported him throughout his entire journey to becoming a wizard. As Stella got older, she too became fascinated with magic. Whenever Reece came home for holidays, he would tell her all about his life at Hogwarts, and she would read all of his books, dreaming of the day that she would get to experience Hogwarts too.

But shortly after Reece graduated and became an Auror for the Ministry of Magic, he died working on a case, and no one was told exactly what had happened. Stella and her parents were absolutely devastated, so when Stella’s letter came, all of their enthusiasm evaporated. Stella’s parents refused to let her go, and became cruel, strict, and distant, a dramatic shift from their previously unconditional support. Stella was traumatized by the sudden and unexpected death of her brother, but was still determined to go to Hogwarts herself, discover all of his favorite things there, and find out what had really happened to him.

So, despite her parent’s determination to not let her go, Stella gathered all of her brother’s books, robes, and even his wand, which the Ministry had sent home after he died. She left a note on her bed, telling her parents how sorry she was, and then she snuck out, heading towards the train station alone. Her parents have refused to talk to her since, and although her family seems to be broken, Stella’s slowly building herself back up with her friends and adventures at Hogwarts.


About Me:

I'm currently mostly inactive on HiH, but I am starting to get back into it. If you want to chat with me about anything (Harry Potter related or not) the best way to reach me is through Discord. I'm the co-captain of a Gryffindor quidditch team there- along with Verity Corin. It’s mostly inactive now, but if you're interested in joining, shoot me an owl and I'll send you the link!


Thank you to everyone who's made it this far in my crazy backstory! Stella is one of my favorite OCs to write about and I've loved every second I spent on this site and all the incredible people I've met.


(There was also a point in time in which my character's name was Beatrix Auden, the nicknames of which include Bea, Trix, and Trixie.)

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