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Arcadia was sorted into Hufflepuff during first year, the reason for this selection being that all throughout her life she wanted be friends with and help as many people as she can. Her heart is kind, but she is fiercely loyal and will protect her friends with her life. She wants to take care of people and holds a particular love for plants. These are all traits typically stereotyped/shown by Hufflepuffs.

The decision for Arcadia was made almost instantaneously. While, she does show traits that would make her perfect for any of the houses, the Hufflepuff traits really shined through and ultimately the Sorting Hat knew that Arcadia was just meant to be a Hufflepuff student.

Arcadia's favourite class is Herbology, she has just always loved plants. She grew up in a place that was surrounded by beautiful trees and different plants (muggle and magical). Her father was an avid gardener and Arcadia would often join him in the gardens while he would plant new plants, that obviously he had to tell his daughter all about.

Arcadia's least favourite class is DADA. There isn't a real reason for this, she just never really understood the class. She tries hard and gets good grades, but she doesn't find a point in Defence Against the Dark. She wishes that everyone was a decent enough person to not use the dark arts. But she also knows that's asking too much and should be happy about this.

Arcadia is a pure-blood, born to an ex-Slytherin mother and ex-Ravenclaw father. Everyone in her family was shocked because neither of her parents were in those houses, but also knowing her personality and just generally how she acted as a person it was also not really a surprise she was put in Hufflepuff.

Her blood status.. hasn't really effected her life in the Wizarding World... too much. However, when people see her with her mother, scary Slytherin, angry, bitter mother, they stay as far away as they possibly can. But when they see her with her kind, fun-loving, accepting, trendy, down to earth father. They're all over her wanting to be her friend, which she always thought was weird but didn't question it, because she liked that people saw good things in her father and wanted to praise him and admire him, unlike her mother.

Arcadia's biggest strengths are her patience and understanding. People usually hold more trust in her because they know that Arcadia will accept them, and won't blab their secrets to anyone else. Her understanding also makes people want to become friends with her, because that just makes her more approachable.

Arcadia's biggest weakness is definitely how stubborn she is. When she gets in a mood, she is the rudest person you have ever met. If you look at her the wrong way while she's in one of these moods, she will insult everything about you, and she will have absolutely no remorse or regrets. Due to this, when she's in these moods she tries to distance herself, so she doesn't upset anyone.

Arcadia has a cat called Snowball who she loves with all her heart. Snowball, Arcadia and Arcadia's dad have been an iconic duo for however long it has been. Arcadia always puts Snowball before anything and if anything were to happen to Snowflake, Arcadia wouldn't know what to do and so she doesn't think about it much.
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