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Name: Charlotte Fay Everstien
NIcknames: (family and only the people closest to her) Charlie-Bear (her mum) Charlie-Fay
Year: 3rd year (13)
House: Ravenclaw (she is very Ravenclaw proud, she owns many Ravenclaw scarves and loves them all)

Family: up to the age of three she was abused and neglected, her birth mother dealt in drugs, and little charlotte often went days without seeing her mother, when she did, however, her mother's boyfriend often beat her. She now lives with her loving adoptive parents and she barely remembers her life before them, they are both muggles and love her dearly. She has a black cat named Sophia, and triplet siblings (two girls and a boy): Jackie, Rebecca (Becca), and Ben) ( they are the biological children of her parents).

Appearance: she is slender and has darkish skin, and striking blue eyes, her black kinky hair is sometimes put up in a bun, but she usually lets it hang around her face, she has glasses ( ok I know its cliche for a Ravenclaw to have glasses but it makes sense! WHEN U READ A BUNCH UR VISION SUFFERS! ) and loves them, she always wears her uniform super neat and it is almost always accompanied by a scarf ( of a sort).

Personality: she is very sensitive and afraid of people not liking her, because of this she sometimes comes off as quiet or reserved and sometimes even aloof but BELIEVE ME SHE IS NOT! when u get to know her u start to realize that she is super wacky and silly and very kind but she rarely ever shows that side to anybody. She loves to fantasize and dream, and adores storybooks and fantasy. She is very submissive though, she surrenders almost instantly and has a hard time standing up for herself, she lets people walk all over her and there is rarely anything she can do to stop it.

Favorites: strawberries, fruit in general, hot chocolate, stories, hardcover books, her cat, her family, window seats, the sun, flowers, nice rain.

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