Mackenzie Miracle


I'm Mackenzie Miracle. You can call me Maggie.If you are feeling bored you can be my friend. I'm from India so the timings may vary.

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Name:Mackenzie Miracle
Blood type:Pure blood
Favourite Subjest:DADA,Potions
Appearance:Average height,glowing skin,deep emerald green eyes,long brown wavy hair

Since my childhood I was fascinated about magic. But my parents told me there’s nothing like magic or at least they made believe so. And I was living like every common muggle child. But something strange happened on my eleventh birthday, when I got up there was a letter on my bed and it was addressed to me. I thought it was a birthday card and opened it but it was the acceptance letter from Hogwarts [which I didn’t know],there was a logo on the letter which I had seen somewhere in my dad’s room. So I ran to him and showed the letter he took the letter from my hand , took a quick glance of the letter and said that he knew this would happen sometime soon. I asked innocently what’s that Papa. He sat on the bed staring at me. After few minutes he said its time to tell you the truth. He then told me everything about the Wizarding world and I ,Mamma and Papa are belonged to the Wizarding world . But he never told me why he hid his Wizarding identity from me.
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