Max Johnson

Drummer, Artist, Snarky Kid

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When I was one my parents, Gianna and James Johnson, died of insanity. Me and my siblings were taken in by our aunt, Fauna Paterson. When I was three me and my younger sister, Emma Jane (EJ), were playing outside when a person approached us. They lunged at Emma Jane (EJ) and I stood in front of her and took the bite. I developed wolf like appearances and abilities. It was decided that I was a half-werewolf because I do not fully transform during the full moon or lose my human conscious during the full moon. It also meant that I would never fit in in the werewolf world or human world because I was part both of them meaning neither society could deal with my differences. I worked hard to control my wolf side. Most people don't even suspect that I'm a werewolf. Due to an "event" in my past I have severe trust and abandonment issues that result in me being very introverted, awkward, sarcastic, quirky, and snarky. My trust and abandonment issues also affect my hands. I have very fast hands and am a known thief. I can't put my hands in gloves either because it makes me feel trapped. To avoid stealing I play the drums and do art. I am pretty good at both if I do say so myself. My siblings Emma Jane (EJ), Hunter, Jesse, and Roxanne have my back and I have theirs. Emma Jane (EJ) is looking for a BF and I swear to god that if you hurt her I will personally kill you. Just don't get on my bad side.

Nickname(s): Maxi and Huntress
Family: Gianna Johnson (mother, deceased), James Johnson (father, deceased), Fiona Paterson (aunt), Roxanne Johnson (older sister), Mitch Johnson (older brother, [twin of Jack Johnson]), Jack Johnson (older brother, [twin of Mitch Johnson]), Emma Jane (EJ) Johnson (younger sister)
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Appearance: Long red hair that reaches down to hips, kind of tan, HUGE emerald eyes, somewhat curvy, about 5'6, face is COATED with freckles
Personality: (If she just meets you) sarcastic, snarky, quirky, awkward, and introverted (If you get to know her) sweet, kind, always in the mood for a fight, protective, defensive, loyal and supportive as HEEEECCKKKK, and a HUGE bookworm
Favorite Places to Be: Forbidden Forest, CoMC, Dueling Club, Library, Lake, Kitchen, In Front of the Common Room Fire AND Hogsmeade
Theme Songs: 1985 by Bowling For Soup, Move Along by All-American Rejects, Girl All The Bad Guys Want by Bowling For Soup
Hobbies: Fighting, Reading, Going to Her Brothers' Quidditch Matches, Dancing, Singing, FENCING, Swimming, Playing Hockey
Powers: Powerful Mind, Fast Hands, The Power To Clock a Person With a Hockey Stick, Animungus (Jaguar, Unregistered), Half-Werewolf
Favorite Outfit: Baggy Black Sweatshirt, Denim Jeans, Gold High Top Vans, Hair Down
BFF: Lone Wolf (Literally. I need friends)
Greatest Fear: My Siblings Dieing or Betraying Me
Mirror of Esrid: Me Winning a Sword Championship
Bad Habits: Fights ALOT, Bad Temper, Mighta Sorta killed a person
Dislikes: PEOPLE WHO HURT MY SIBLINGS, People who bully me, People who dare to fight me
Likes: Fighting, WATCHING Quidditch (I don't know how to fly), Just Staying Home With My Dozens and Dozens of Animals
Favorite Subject(s): CoMC and Transfiguration
Blood: Pureblood (It doesn't matter)
Bloodline: Johnsons: Descendants of Narcissa Malfoy and Lucius Malfoy (Great-Great Grandparents)
House: Slytherin (How Fitting)
Idol(s): Newt Scamander and Fall Out Boy. I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE animals and Newt Scamander has been my idol since I was 5. Fall Out Boy is a muggle band they are AWESOME. I am a drummer and their work is very inspiring.

Here are my siblings' accounts:
Emma Jane (EJ)-
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