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I will be going offline starting July 16th and will be back until September! (Might check in every once in a while). Thank you!

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Name:Rosabella(Hufflepuff Princess)






Birthday:Dec 29



Relationship Status:Single as a Pringle

Backstory:My parents were murdered when I was 3 and my home was destroyed in a fire.After a few months,I was accepted by my master but he soon passed away as well.After my master passed,I then ran away to the forest and got adopted by the animals who lived there and in my early years,I suffered depression and hardly spoke at all to other people.Because of this,many people thought I was mute and the loneliness got to me so badly that I tried to commit Suicide.Before I was able to hurt myself to badly however,some of my animal friends stopped me and shocked me into understanding what I was about to do and that is the reason why I have a deep connection with animals.Then when I turned 8,I realized that I had extraordinary powers.I have always loved to sing since childhood but then I realized that I was able to heal others just by singing.I also found out that I can turn into a nine tailed fox at will and I have the ability of Aura.Then when I turned 12,I started traveling while helping others and becoming a Teen Hero because I didn’t want others to suffer the same thing I did.When I turned 13,however,I got poisoned and injured,causing me to go into a coma for 2 months.The doctors wanted to kill me to put me out of my misery,since they couldn’t heal me.I was then miraculously healed by my deceased Master whom I trained under,before running away to the forest,telling me that my time wasn’t over.It took years for me to get back but eventually I got back to the swing of things.Then when I turned 16,I decided to get a education and since I’m friends with the professors of Hogwarts,due to me helping Albus Dumbledore out of a tight spot,I decided to go there.I’m part chinese due to my mother being Chinese.




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