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Heyyyy, Maya here!! Or May if you like it, I’m 16 years old, from Gryffindor, hope you’re having a great day, byeee ;)

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Heyyyy, my name is Maya, but call me May for short, not a long time ago I was accepted by Hogwarts, yeah that’s actually really awesome, I was sorted into Gryffindor, I can’t really see how because I’ve always thought me more like a Hufflepuff, but that’s okay, I kinda put that hat to think... Well I really like history of magic, care of magic creatures and astronomy. I hate with all my heart arithmancy, flying classes and apparition the last two always makes me sick, oh wait I just remembered I don’t enjoy that much charms, transfiguration or DADA but I’m really good at it. My mom is a witch and my dad is a muggle, she is a healer and he is a doctor, so it runs in our veins, even tho I would love to be a magizoologist. I think I really am a dreamer and that can be both my best strength and my greatest weakness. I think the craziest thing about the magic is the whole world that most of the muggles can’t see, it’s just crazy, my mother says my father still freaks out about magic lol. More about my family is that they are really conservative, for a pure blood that maried a muggle, they really want me to become a healer, and I do want to help others, but there are others ways to do that. Okay aaawkwaard, well to finish everything in the right way, I’m gonna talk about my little friends, I have the trust from a lot of animals at the forest, I don’t think animals are pets, they just deserve to be free and happy, but with Jackson and Áster was different... Jackson is a Axolotle he loves when I make bubbles of water around my room so he can swim around me (the last time it didn’t worked so well and I spent all day drying the sheets), he is just, the best, but he don’t express his emotions as much as Áster, she is a bowtruckle and just loves to stay inside my socks. Jackson I ‘have’ him since I was a kiddo, and Áster I recently rescued her from a fire at the woods near my house. And that’s me ;)
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