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<center><font face=courier-new> ZASHA (MALE) </center>

<font face=courier-new><font color=teal>CURRENT HAPPENING'S<font color=turquoise>

The Fire and Flame (Dramione)

<font color=teal>FUNDAMENTAL INFO
Name: Zasha
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'4'
Nicknames: Zash, Zaysher or Zayshay.
Favorite Books: Hunger Games trilogy and all the Harry Potter series
Hobbies: Reading and swimming.
Favourite Color(s): Teal and Orange and Purple

<font color=teal>FUNDAMENTAL WIZARD INFO<font color=purple>
Patronus: Otter (On Pottermore)
Animagus: Otter

House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Cypress wood, dragon heartstring, 12 1/2 and surprisingly swishy flexibility

Secrets: I can be tempted by the Dark Arts because my auntie Bellatrix introduced me to them.

<font color=teal>RELATIONSHIPS<font color=#6495ED>

Relationship Status: Taken by my Beautiful Angel; Jana
Gryffindor- Love them- (My inspiration)
Hufflepuff- Nice but sometimes a bit pompous and clingy.
Ravenclaw- Straight forward and nice.
Slytherin- Mature people that I can relate to.

<font color=teal>LOOKS (REAL LIFE):

<center><font face=courier-new> JANA (FEMALE) </center>

♡Name: Jana Granger-Weasley ˊˎ-
♡Age: Soon to be 14 ✰
♡Birthday: 17 July 2006 ꒱
♡Zodiac: Cancer ༄
♡Parents: Hugo Granger-Weasley and Jenny Potter ୭
♡Grand-parents: Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley ✧
♡Patronus: Stag ♫
♡House: Gryffindor ❀
♡Sexuality: Straight ✵
♡Relationship status: Taken by my bby Zasha ☾
♡ Hobbies: Quidditch, acting, drawing, editing, singing, scouts, reading

♡Harry Potter
♡Beauty and the Beast (original and Emma Watson version)
♡Twilight saga
♡Sugar Rush
♡Next in fashion
♡She's the man
♡To all the boys I've loved before
♡Coin heist
♡Inglorious basterds

♡Everything happens for a reason
♡Not everything is expected but you have to live with it
♡Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost
♡Bloom where you're planted
♡Some things are better in dreams
♡The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others
♡The light is coming to get back everything the darkness stole

♡Wide red moon
♡Harry Potter Facts
♡The fire and Flame (Dramione) -----> writing it with Zasha Tonks ♡

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