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Who likes cute people..haven't found who


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The Adorable Few (MY OCs):

Jackson Carson

Older brother to Sebastian Carson, Gender: Male, Bi~Taken by my handsome baby boy since April 12, 2022, and my Sunflower since April 15, 2022. Poly 2/3, Switch, Black messy hair, blue eyes, pierced ears, and a slightly crooked nose to the right.Personalty: Caring when he wants to be. Can be in a shitty mood, depends if he likes you and on the day.(Age: 19) Birthday: October 28th, Height: 6 foot exactly. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. Face claim:

Sebastian Carson

Younger brother to Jackson Carson, Gender:Male -Heterosexual.Taken by Riana since April 14, 2022!, Sub. Dirty blond hair,Brown eyes, and Freckles going across his nose.Personality: Quirky, bad at first impressions. Loving, caring, the person you meet and you think Hufflepuff. (Age: 18) -Birthday: February 5th, Height: 5′4. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius. Faceclaim: 

 Autumn Carter

Gender: Female -Pansexual, Switch, Short blond hair, dark green eyes that look more black than green. Personality: Confident, Stubborn, and is almost always in a good mood. Well it depends on what you mean by ‘good mood’.(Age: 19) Birthday: March 15th, Height: 5'9. Zodiac Sign: Pisces. Face claim:

Charity Sawyer

Has a twin brother: Noah Sawyer. Gender: Female -Lesbian~Switch,   Dark brown hair, cut short shoulder length. Light Brown eyes. Personalty: Sometimes shy, caring, persuasive, and acts tough but will crumble in seconds.(Age: 19) -Birthday: March 10th. Height: 5'4, Zodiac Sign: Pisces. Face claim:                                                                            


Noah Sawyer

Has a twin sister: Charity Sawyer, Gender: Male -Bisexual~TAKEN by Amelia since June 5th, 2022,Sub. Dark short brown hair, and brown eyes slightly darker than his sister. Personality: Stubborn, has to get his way, has a caring side (but) barely shows it unlike his sister. (Age: 19) -Birthday: July 10th, -Height: 5'5 -Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Face claim:                              


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