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Strangely obsessed with the universe and deep sea.

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Welcome, mortals.

Name: Samantha Romanoff-Banner
Birthday: October 31st 2001 [20]
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City, USA
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Favourite TV Show: Supernatural

Sexuality: Pansexual
Favorite Subject/s: Astronomy

About Myself Growing up: I was adopted into a house of Slytherins, a lone Hufflepuff. Seeing my family though, they aren't evil. I have always enjoyed being around Slytherins more than any other house - but that may just be me. Well, and they couldn't really know I was a Hufflepuff right away, could they? I'm sure they couldn't. My whole life I was taught what my parents knew, I got in on family meetings and I never felt left out. A happy childhood, so to say. If there hadn't been my rural attempts of going to school early on. Yes, I was told I would probably get my letter for Hogwarts, but I wanted something different at the time. I have always had a strange obsession with the Universe, even as a child. Both my mothers have always tried the best they could with me and I am grateful for everything they've done to help me.

First Instance of Magic:
At 5 years old I had (accidentally) grabbed one of my mothers' wands thinking it was some kind of pen and caused quite a mess at home. There were papers everywhere, but it was quite fun to look at... well, until my moms both saw the mess I'd made and I could tell they were quite... well, shocked. But also kind of happy.

>Magic Related<

Pet: Emilia, Ragdoll Cat.
Wand: Redwood with a dragon heartstring core, 12¾" and slightly yielding flexibility
Patronous: Little Owl
Boggart: A Clown

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Face Claim: Ana de Armas

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