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Hey there, it's Lucy Michaels here, I'm Marina Fay's second account (for Rps mainly)! I am daughter of muggle Will Michaels (USA) and Rose Granger-Weasley!


Name: Susan F. Dabbs.
Age: 11.
Mother's maiden name: Adams.
Date of birth: May 26.
Zodiac sign: Gemini.
Favorite color: green.
Hair: red, straight, messy, long. The bottom of her hair top fades to light orange because of the sun.
Eye colour: blue.
Skin colour: light, more or less.
Sexuality: straight.
Country: USA.
Best quote: My greatest skill in life has been to want, but little.
Blood status: half-blood.
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor.
Relationship status: single (if I do a romance RP She won't be!).
Other: she studied in a muggle school and she was known as the prettiest girl in school. She's the prettiest girl in all Hogwarts first year too. She's proud to say she's really intelligent apart for brave and couragious. She liked science in muggle school and now in Hogwarts, her favorite subject is Potions. She is also willing to do anything she can to survive and she's fair and loayl too, so she's proud to say she could be in all Hogwarts houses! The Sorting Hat was douting where to put her during half an hour, but as time passed she felt being in Gryffindor was her destiny, just like her mother, and that's where she ended up in.
Friends: RP with me and I'll add you.

OC 2:
Name: Nathan Arthur
Age: 12.
Mother's maiden name: Kirkby.
Date of birth: January 25.
Zodiac sign: Aquarius.
Favorite color: red.
Hair: blonde, short, very well combed.
Eye colour: green.
Skin colour: as light as possible, he has an illness that gives him skin problems.
Sexuality: gay.
Country: Australia.
Best friends:
Best quote: wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.
Blood status: muggleborn.
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw.
Relationship status: single (if I do romance RP I won't be).
Other: she studied in a muggle school and he was a very shy kid. He loves being in Ravenclaw, and he obtained an O in all subjects except in Defense Againts the Dark arts, where he got an A because he has bad reflexes. He loves Herbology and books, he's always somewhere in the library reading or doing homwork. It's not easy for him to make friends, but...

OC 3:
In process!

OC 4:
In process!

OC 5:
In process!

OC 6:
In process!

OC 7:
In process!

OC 8:
In process!

OC 9:
In process!

Other Ocs in process too! Advertising is totally permitted in my page btw, I love groups, they're what made me famous in my other account.
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