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Name; Merigold
Age; 27

Profession; Auror Knight

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If you don't know anything about the Knights its unsurprising,
we are a special type of Auror specifically chosen each and every one of us.

you begin with chasing the path of the Auror, you spend some years under their guidance fighting the Darkest of Forces.
and then you are taken before the ministry, they send you to a Sanctuary - each one different from the last with no one but your mentor
here is mine;

and there it is just the two of you.
after some time, whether it be weeks, months or years the mentor leaves you there alone.

my mentor - Genesis

to train, strengthen in mind, body, spirit and to pray.
then one day you are called by the ministry once more and are approached with a suit built just for you - the same yet the exact opposite to those Horrid Death eaters, a suit born of pure energy and light.

from there you are given the responsibility if Knighthood.
to keep the Wizarding world safe from the Darkest of magic

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