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"You're just as sane as I am," ~Luna Lovegood

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"RAVENCLAW!" the hat barely touched Celesta's head when it called out the house. It wasn't what she'd hoped for, but she knew she'd be a Ravenclaw. Not because she was smart or 'keen to learn' like people stereotype, but because of her creative thinking and ready mind.

She found that as time went on, she stayed hidden away in the safety of her dormitory. It was fancy and royal, but homely and comforting all at the same time. With enough practice, she could use her magic to bring a textbook, or storybook, from the common room, at a stretch the library, into her dorm. No one really knew who she liked it that way.

She found friends come and go, all except one. Abi was her only true friend. They became friends after Celestia accidentally aimed her wand slightly left in a transfiguration lesson, turning Abi into an elegant crystal glass. Both girls blamed themself, Celestia for aiming it inaccurately and Abi for standing too close and being in what she called 'the hit zone'. They had a simple friendship after that. They'd spend their free time together in the library, studying until they got kicked to for being a distraction.


Celestia's parents smiled at their daughter. "So I'm guessing you wanna go back next year?"


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