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-Name: Amani Williams
-Age: (Depends on RP)
-Birthday: April 31st (Taurus)
-Sexuality: Lesbian
-Gender: Female
-Appearance: Thick ginger hair going down to her shoulders, Bright blue eyes, and a small nose and lips. 5'7.
-House: Gryffindor
-Personality: Social, Honestly ambitious, very little fears, Dark sense of humor, Theatre fan, known to be loud, either in a really dark attitude. is really bubbly, vigilant.
-Blood status: Halfblood
-Patronus: Eagle
-Animagus: None
-Hobbies: Quidditch, Embroidery, Muggle soccer, Sketching, Acting.
-Wand: Pearwood with a phoenix feather core, 11 ¾" and unbending flexibility
-Relationship: Single Pringle
-Likes: Quidditch, Sketching, Mint Chip Ice cream, Musicals, Travel, Griffins, Dueling
-Dislikes: Trolls, Wrestling, Spiders, Makeup
-Boggart: Family or Friends being disappointed

She was born in a middle-class family, her father being a wizard, and her mother being a muggle, though her mother had no idea of her Husband's magical ability till they had children. She had two older brothers who she was both very close with, one named Tyson and the other Pike. Tyson ways 4 years older then Amani, and Pike was 2 years older. Their family grew up very close and all the children learned much from the two parents, both about muggles and the wizarding world. Her family became large fans of Quidditch and her favorite team became the Holyhead Hornets

She always knew she was different then other girls and the fact that she liked girls, which didn't confuse her much because her family tried to raise her in a very diverse way. She had heard about the LGBTQ+ community and came out when she was 11 to her family

She surrounded herself with friends that were all muggles, though having to hide her clear Magical abilities. So when going to Hogwarts she didn't know much or many about the world, just lessons from her father. She keeps her love for Muggle Theater and Soccer/Football close while at Hogwarts and teaches other purebloods about all that she calls "Muggle magic" usually talking about theater. She continues to keep her friends close and her family closer!

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(Peculiar High character)
-Name: Piper Wilson
-Age: 16
-Birthday: August 3 (Leo
-Sexuality: Bisexual panromantic
-Gender: Female
-Appearance: Messy Pixie Haircut whipping forward and buzzed on the side, Champagne colored hair, dark green eyes, a few freckles on her face, Pointed out chin, Wears a slim pair of Corrective lenses, keeps up with the fashion and try many statemates
-Personality: She is very flashy, snarky or sassy, very outspoken and will voice their opinion, a passionate person, she will volunteer first almost every time.
-Special Ability: Can control Water and can also turn liquids into a solid ice form.
-Hobbies: Interior design, reading, Fashion, Perspective Sketching, Figure art, running, Little bit of Makeup
-Relationship: Not interested
-Likes: Fashion shows, Snow, nice aesthetic, Working out, Silver Jewelry, Romantic Comedies, Different candles (Ocean scents)
-Dislikes: Dust, Fake glasses, Words on clothes, Being misgendered, Plastic chokers.

She Grew up being an only child, her parents getting divorced when she was only, both of them not very responsible. She grew up outside of her parent's apartment's learning most she knew from books and magazines, not life lessons from others. She grew up very lonely and kind of living on the edge, which is where she got her sassy and sarcastic attitude. Being mostly lonely for her childhood, when she does make friends she keeps them close as not to lose them, that is her biggest fear.

She found out she had magical powers when she and a new friend had gone to the beach for her first time! She found peace with the tide and found that she could control the tide. This gave her a strong love for the beach and aspires to one day surf. She loves her flashy outfits, since growing up with little she made most of her biggest fashion statements and learning how to sew from herself.

She was approached by Peculiar High a few days after she had turned 14, she chose to go and possibly find opportunities with her power she had newly discovered. She's gone there for two years and has actually no plans for the future.
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