Chris Sartosin

Student | Potions Head Student

  • Joined July 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 6159 House Points
  • 5th Year
  • United States


I'm deeply interested in the history and the principles of magic, and more specifically, how the various disciplines of magic are tied together - how magic works! There are lots of magical mysteries that I want to unravel, and intend to spend my life as a researcher and scholar doing just that. I am a lifelong learner and am eager to absorb all the wisdom and knowledge that I can during my time here.

Wand Details:
Wood: Fir
Core: Phoenix Feather
Length: 14.5 inches
Flexibility: Hard

(all scores are official):
Year 1:
ASTR-101: O (98%)
CHRM-101: O (98%)
DADA-101: O (99%)
HERB-101: O (98%)
HOM-101: O (97%)
PTNS-101: O (98%)
TNFG-101: O (100%)

Year 2:
ALCH-201: O (98%)
ANCR-201: O (100%)
ASTR-201: O (100%)
COMC-201: O (96%)
CHRM-201: O (99%)
DADA-201: O (96%)
DIV-201: O (96%)
HERB-201: O (95%)
HOM-201: O (97%)
PTNS-201: O (98%)
TNFG-201: O (95%)

Year 3:
ALCH-301: O (97%)
ANCR-301: O (96%)
ANST-301: O (95%)
ASTR-301: O (97%)
COMC-301: O (97%)
CHRM-301: O (95%)
DADA-301: O (97%)
DIV-301: O (97%)
HERB-301: O (95%)
HOM-301: O (97%)
MUST-301: O (96%)
PTNS-301: O (95%)
TNFG-301: O (98%)

Year 4:
ALCH-401: O (97%)
ANCR-401: O (97%)
ANST-401: O (99%)
ASTR-401: (Awaiting Content)
COMC-401: O (98%)
CHRM-401: Awaiting Grading
DADA-401: O (98%)
DIV-401: O (98%)
HERB-401: (Awaiting Content)
HOM-401: O (97%)
MUST-401: O (99%)
MYTH-401: O (97%)
PTNS-401: O (96%)
TNFG-401: O (94%)

Year 5:
ALCH-501: O (94%)
ANCR-501: In Progress
ANST-501: Not Started
COMC-501: In Progress
CHRM-501: Not Started
DADA-501: Not Started
DIV-501: In Progress
GOUL-501: O (97%)
HOM-501: In Progress
MYTH-501: Not Started

OWL Exams:
ALCH: O (96%)
ANCR: Awaiting Grading
ANST: O (99%)
COMC: O (98%)
CHRM: Not Started
DADA: Not Started
DIV: Awaiting Grading
HOM: Not Started
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