I like experimenting, not wid potions or charms but fooling and talking to people in different lang. so people whn u get to know, dont be shocked

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About me:

So Hey!! I just figured out that I haven't spoken much about myself,</details><details>So here is something that I didn't mention about myself

I am 14
I love Hermione
I am a fan of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Avengers, Captain America.

Im an ARMY, My Bias is J-hope and m an OT7
I also am a kpop fan, I follow BLACKPINK, TWICE, ITZY, AESPA & TXT
I dont hav any bias in them and i just follow them cause i loke their music and lets be clear, i dont STAN, i just like them and their music
When I'm usually bored, i come to my wall n listen songs that I've put, or I go to some other peoples wall n listen to songs (yep, like a ghost)
Sexuality : Straight
Relationship status: Taken
I'm basically free for as long it is only RP (may or may not be continues) Its more like our OC's are dating and not us ourselves (If u r confused just contact me)
ಹೆಮ್ಮೆಯ ಕನ್ನಡತಿ. Proud Indian,
FC: That's it?? U cn ask me more to add and give me suggestions 

<summary>Backstory </summary>


Vibha was a Pureblood. Unlike other Purebloods, she didn't know the wizarding world. Why? Why didn't she know it? She was from birth with Muggles. But she is a pure-blood ? Ok Ok, now instead of creating this confusion I will come to the direct point. So let me start from the start. Vibha's parents, the Pureblood Families of Galimaths (I know you would not be able to pronouce it so here is how you pronounce it : Ga-li-m-ats). They were killed by the followers of Grindewald for not joining them, In the times of Grindewald, The family was not a popular one, so mostly not known by many. But then one managed to survive. That was my Great Grandfather , He was a 7th year, he was found unconscious under the some blocks of bricks, He was then taken care by the Mcgonagall Family after guidance from Albus Dumbeldore. Even though he stayed with the Mcganagall's he was still adresed as Mr. Galimath. He was then married to a witch from the Mclaggen Family . Then my Grandfather was born, He attended Hogwarts, he married a half- blood. So then my Father was born, He attended Hogwarts, He married My Family now fought in the Battle of Hogwarts and ......... Unfortunately he died, with my mother, I was at home, a 3 months old baby. Then rather than a professor coming this time and taking care of me, Mcgonagall, who was the then Headmistress, She thought it was safe for me to return to my far, far, Muggle Family. Now I am stuck with this family!!!! Great!! I had no sister or Brother, so now I live with my Sister Who is actually my cousin, but my muggle family say that, I was born to them and she is my OWN Sister! Argh, I hate her!!!



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