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teacher of the arts in muggle world and magical world in my downtime

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Name: Cliodna Noel Evans
Age: 29 (January 9th, 1992)
Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia
Blood Status: Adopted Half-blood
House: Ravenclaw
School attended: Muggle University of West Georgia for the Arts and Currently Hogwarts
Occupation on HIH: student
Occupation outside of HIH: Teacher of the arts

Wand: 10 3/4 ebony Unicorn hair slightly springy
pets: mooncat : Artemus
Patronus: Piebald Stallion

The adopted magical child of a muggle mother and a squib father. Adopted from a magical orphanage. I was adopted at 8 and was the first adopted child of my parents. Not wanting me to be an only child and my mother wanting muggle children, they adopted my three muggle sisters. The only one of my family siblings to finish Muggle University and the only one of my family to come to Hogwarts. My father comes from a pureblood magic family that dotes on my constantly. When my dad was younger his parents took him to Olivanders to get a wand to hopefully force the magic out of him. Needless to say it didn't work. Years later when they adopted me I found his wand and it responded to me and claimed me. My fathers wand is now my wand. My father wishes he could do magic but for the most part me and my muggle family are separated on distant terms. I am the odd black sheep of my family. Only my pureblood extended family has anything to do with me.

My muggle occupation is teaching art to High school students in Georgia during my off hours I am teaching the magical application of art and how to create living art portraits and how magic affects artwork as well as magical art history.

In my downtime I finish my class work and I love to read.
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