Hey everybody! I am Ananya and i would love to be friends with you no matter, if i know you or not! Post on my wall,owl me for chatting,study!

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Hey everyone!
I am Ananya!

Hogwarts Life:
Fav HiH Subject: Defence Against The Dark Arts
I am amazing at this subject and any one can ask me questions regarding this question!

Worst HiH Subject: Potions
I am YUCK at this! Seriously!!! It is so…tough for me!!

Fav Spells: Stupefy, Expecto Patronum and Expaelliramus

Disliked Spells: Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio
Hate them because they are the Unforgivable Curses and can hurt many people, which I do NOT like!

My pets are getting agitated, so I am now going to introduce you to them:

Owl- Twin Snowy Owls called Elvis and Melvis:
They are really cuddly and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!

Puppy- Shizue called Cookies!!

I named it as I LOVE cookies, you know the eating one (yummy!) as well as my dog!!

And last but not the least- My Cat, Kitty!

My pets are my LIFE to me and I love them SOOOO much!!!!

My Personal Life:
Birthdate- 24th April
- Angelica; Anyone
- Angel-( you have to ask)
- Angie( you have to ask)
Any other nicknames you want to call me, you can!!

I have many hobbies like reading books (I LOVE graphic Novels), coming online, listening to k-pop music, and designing stuff

Wand:Holly and Phoenix Feather, 11 inches

My friends:

-Ellie Smith: What do i say???I do not even have the words to describe you?! You are an amazing person who has leadership qualities and is so......helpful and you never get tired of my frequently asked weird questions...You are one of the witches who helped me around in HiH and was my one of the first friends i ever had here...I cannot express my thanks to you Ellie, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!! Your support and presence in Hih has been such an amazing memory!!

-Rachel Granger: Thank you so so so much!! i always have so much FUN chatting with you about anything!!!

-Princess Rose: Whenever i am onlin and feel chatting, she is ALWAYS there! she is a really out-going person! thx so so much Princess for all the support you give me and making HiH abetter place by your presence!!

-Luna Longbottom: You are one of the most CHEERFUL AND HELPFUL person i have ever met!!!! you are SO out and easy going!!!!!

-Cho: you have been the funniest person but not to mention the most humble and secret-keeping friend!!!And you are always anytime i wish to chat with someone...i find myself chatting with you Cho!!

-Celeste: She is my formal but AMAZING friend!!!She helped me get into HDN Interns and now thanks to her and Kaela Balac have promoted me into the official newspaper group! Thank you so so much!!!

-Rachel Granger: She is my huge fan on HiH!!!It is so AMAZING to talk to her and learned that ske looks up to me!! Thank you so so much for being so supportive!!!!!!!

-Tara: You are an AMAZING person and you are always ready to give me some work in Gringotts and i can always turn to you if i need help in Gringotts!!Thank you so so so much!!

There are SO SO many more people who have helped me in HiH!!! Butt, if i write all their names then your eyes will get tired reading so much!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FRIENDS!!!!

If you follow me, I will follow you ASAP!
Thank you creator of HiH for making my life better and not to mention so many friends which i did not mention!! You all are the BEST!!!!!

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