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when i'm on Weekdays~most of the time yes Weekends~no..only rarly and for a few muients

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Disclaimer: please, please, please, if you see conversations between me and another person, Do not comment on it. It feels like a huge violation of mine and whoever I'm conversing withs privacy!! (If you'd like to comment on a conversation, just owl me and I'll let you know if I'm comfy with that!)


My emil in case the ste is down: nscheffel36@gmail.com

My discord: rose-hi5




My  most comon ocs

name: Jack Alexander Lupin

Hair: Light Brown

Eye colour: Green (But changes based on mood) 

Skin tone: Light

Height: 5'8 

Age: 18 (can change for RP)

Sexuality: Gay (but can change for rps)

Relationship: Single

Wand: Rowan, phoenix fether, 11 ½", Bendy

Patronus: dragon

Animagus: any thing

Pets: The greater sooty ow(Shadow)

Abilities: shape shifintg (animals, people), water powers (can breath under water), elemental powers (Air, Fire, Earth,Water Spirit) speaks to animals, Can speak any launguge, and many (plese others see back story.)


Wall rules

  1. Be kind (I don't tolerate any kind of homophobia, racism, transphobia, or disrespect)

  2. don't ask to be friends just follow me and I'll follow you back!!

  3. Always open to RP so just ask or owl me!










Rp rules

  • be kind and respectfull

  • plese  no one liners it is verey hard to respond to them

  • plese do help in writng the action

  •  if you have triggers, plese let me know

  • plese dont gost me, if your going to leave, let me know.

  • you can curse, but plese not only curssing, have other words plese

  • most importanly HAVE FUN!

  • more may be comming soon




    – Harry Potter


     Role-Play Ship’s:

    – Harry x Draco

    – Hermione x Pansy

    – Neville x Blaise

    – James x Sirius

    – Draco x Ron

    – James x Regulus x Lily

    – Remus x Sirius

    – James x Lily

    – Ron x Blaise

    – James x Regulus



     Role-Play Ship’si will do:

    Rosalie Hale X Emmett Cullen

    Emmett Cullen x Edward Cullen

    Bella Swan X Edward Cullen

    Bella Swan x Emmett Cullen

    Bella Swan x Alice Cullen

    Alice Cullen x Jasper Hale

    Carlisle Cullen x Esmie Cullen

    Bella Swan x Carlisle Cullen



    – Wednesday

     Role-Play Ship’s I will do:

    -Xavier x Wednesday

    -Enid x Wednesday

    -Enid x ajaxe




    Magical Roleplays:
    – Demon x Angel
    - Human x Neko,
    -vampire x Neko
    -Demon x Demon
    -Demon x Angle


    Muggle RolePlay (all mugle rps can turn to magicail if wanted) :

    – Friends to Lovers

    – Enemies to Lovers

    -student x student

    teacher x student

    -freinds to lovers

    -Quiet Girl or Boy x Popular Girl or Boy
    -Popular Girl x Popular boy
    -Student x Teacher
    -Principal x Student

    -Bully x Nerd-

    – Criminal x Cop

    – Queen x Severant

    – Prince x Lower Class

    – King x Servant

    – Princess x Lower Class

    – Maid x Boss

    – Arranged Marriage

    – FBI x Mafia Leader

    – Right Hand Man x Mafia Leader

    – Kidnapped x Kidnapped

    Rps I wont do:

    – Mother x Daughter

    – Father x Son

    – Uncle x Nephew

    – Boss x Co-Worker

    – Aunt x Niece

    - Brother x Brother

    – Sister x Sister
    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son

    – Yandere! X Anything

    – Zombie Apocalypse

    – Scientist x Expeirement



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