Jackie Kylie Thistle

Almost never serious ;)

|| First Year || Proud Slytherin || Status:online not very often ||

  • Joined August 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


If here your probably wanting a backstory, well here it is. Most likely the laziest Thistle sister. The rest is a work in progress.

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About Me

Name: Jackie Kylie Thistle

Birthday: May 27th

Age: 10-20

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: Questioning

Personality type: ISFJ-T

Zodiac: Gemini

House: A proud SLYTHERIN

Blood: Half-blood

Wand: Hazel wood with a dragon heartstring core, 14" and quite bendy flexibility

Greatest strength: Patience and positivity

Greatest weakness: anger, laziness, and guilt

Boggart: someone I love dies

Patronos: White Mare

Family: Theodore “Teddy” Thistle (father - muggle) -Isabel Thistle (mother - witch) - Alexandra Thistle (triplet sister - witch) -Shea Thistle (triplet sister - witch)

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Other Stuff

Hobbies: Reading, playing quidditch, beating my sisters in wizards chess, design outfits, loves karate, astrology, practicing magic

Favorite Muggle Sport: Karate, Basketball

Dream job: fashion designer

Favorite class: Potions or astronomy

Pets: Chinese fireball(Fei), Swedish short-snout(Angnes), Unicorn(Mari), Hedgehog(Pringle), and a Cat(Buddy)

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Face claim

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Grey/Blue

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