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I’m speaking for all depressed people. We’re only alive because we care too much about others. We don’t want to hurt them. We care too much.

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Me and Angie:

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<summary>MY INFO:</summary>
♣️Nicknames: Bitch (anyone who wants to, probably everyone) Hazelet (Poly only) Hazey (Gigigigigigi etc only) /I’m up for more/
♣️Looks: dark blonde wavy hair (long), hazel eyes, tan, freckles
♣️Personality: boring, sad, dull, meh.
♣️Likes: music, animals, you, reading, roses.
♣️Dislikes: life, myself, math, school(I get bullied) , bullies (tho I can’t escape it), therapy (what’s the point in trying?).
♣️Problems: everything, but here’s some: self harm, self hate, self couscous, self doubt, asthma, allergies, shyness, dark, depression, anxiety, stress a lot, get injured easily, sensitive, complains a lot, WAY too trusting, warms up TOO fast, always sad, never wants to do anything, sometimes ignores you, haven’t cried in four years, hasn’t smiled in three years, awkward AF, very private, gets bullied, barely ever eats, everyone ignores me, people pretend to understand but they don’t, I have diabetes (type 1).
♣️Side note: if I ignore you don’t get offended.

FC: no clue

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HP bio:
House: Gryffindor
Boggart: Life (the dark)
Best spell: Nox
Best curse: Imperio
Patronus: Augury
Anamagi: Raven

Depression stuff:

Go ahead little girl.
You can cry.
Nobody does it like you.
But they see it in your eye.


I see a girl. She looks...happy. Her hair blows as she cartwheels around the house. She has the biggest smile, big enough to change the light bulb, to light up the world, your heart. But the next thing you know, her little sister she loves steps on her toes and kicks her and bites her. I feel bad for her...

I scream in pain as I get bit.
Oh wait, that girl is me.


It hurts to have a friend who can’t see the demons, but just your smile.


I say “I’m fine.” And she believes it.


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