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Things happen. You have to get through it. God made this shit happen for a reason and you need to figure it out if even it's the last thing you do.

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➳ Name:

Oak (ask)
Ley (ask)
Potato (ask what it means, and you can call me it)
Oakey (Angie only)
Kay (Lily only)
Oakie (Peyton/Hazel only)
Ley-Ley (Wis onlyyyyyy)
Bean (Angie/Acorn only)
Oakiebear (Ava onlyyyy)
Oley (Pronouncement:
O-lee, Nya onlyyyyy)
Coffee Lover (Hermione onlyyyy)
Oakie Dokie (Vicksy onlyyyyy)
I need more!

➳ Gender:

➳ Age:

➳ Sexuality:
Straight but RESPECT LGBT+

➳ Relationship status:
Single as a Pringle

➳ Friends:
Sorry if I missed you!

➳ Fun facts:
My dad died when someone broke into my house and if it wasn't for my dad, I'd be dead.
My mom is obsessed with Oak Trees.
I really like outer space, it's like, a place where you rely on yourself and stay alive, you can hop around from planet to planet, (not really, but my imagination says so).

➳ Favorites:
Name: Lillian
Color: Light blue and silver
Number: 999
Singer: Kane Brown
Band: Eli Young Band
Song: Skin and Bones (Eli Young Band)

➳ Birthday: January 12 (Capricorn)

➳ Appearance:
Fiery red hair (Long, it goes down to my waist when it’s in a high ponytail, and it’s wavy), pale skin, LOTS of freckles, Blue eyes, Average height, Hour glass figure

➳ House; Gryffindor (2nd; Hufflepuff)

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^^^Joy Sanchez -Snapchat queen-
^Shoulder length wavy red hair, blue eyes, light skin, glasses, on Snapchat a dog filter.
^Age 13
^Sexuality: straight
^Relationship: taken by her Snapchat king XD
^Role: queen of Snapchat (duh) sister, girlfriend, cool girl.

^^^Oakley Wronnet (Me with a different last name)
^Long wavy red hair, blue eyes, freckles, light skin.
^Can be muggle or HP (if HP, muggle-born Gryffindor)
^Age 12-13
^sexuality: straight
^relationship: Single
^Role: Sister, daughter, friend :)

^^^Alexa Kase
^Long straight chestnut hair, teal eyes, tan skin
^Age 17
^Sexuality: bi
^Relationship: single pringle
^role: Daughter, ex, friend, famous singer

joe ellis net worth

^^^CeCe Tonks
^shoulder length wavy blue (usually blue, purple, pink, brown, blonde, or black) hair, brown eyes, a few freckles, tan skin
^Hufflepuff, likes farm work
^Age 14
^Sexuality: lesbian
^relationship: taken
^role: girlfriend, daughter.

joe ellis net worth

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