Victorie Weasley-Delacour

Full-Time Netflix Viewer

When people tell me, "You're going to regret that in the morning," I sleep in until noon because I'm a problem solver.

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Hey! 'Ello! Wassup? How ya doing? I'm Victorie!


♕ Name: Victorie-Annabelle Marie Adrienne Weasley-Delacour

♕ Nicknames:
•Vicky (Ask)
•Vic (Ask)
•Vickster (Angie and Aragog only)
•Vicky-Tori (Angie only)
•Rie-Rie (Wisty)
•ViVi (Via only)
•Wheezy (Via)
•Vicksy (Oakie Dokie only)
•Dummy (Angie/Stupid only!!)
•Deli (Stellio)
•Avocado Head (Wis and Angie ONLY)
•Sock Llama (Wis and Angie ONLY)
•Vickey (Choco only)
•Vicsley (Stelidio only)
•Nondi (Arabish ONLY)
•Bellrie (Hollis only)
•Tori (Sophia)
•Yoda (Bell only)

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Feel free to give me a nickname, I love them!

♕ Parents: Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour

♕ Godly Parent: Aphrodite

♕ Siblings: Dominique Weasley, Louis Weasley, and Victoire Weasley

♕ Blood Status: Quarter Veela

♕ Appearance: Long, slightly wavy, silky chestnut colored hair, pale-ish skin, long eyelashes, skinny, big blue eyes, and an hourglass figure.

♕ Personality: Sweet, shy, smart, kind, friendly, loyal, funny, a bit annoying hehe

♕ House: Ravenclaw, my second is Hufflepuff

♕ Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie

♕ Gender: Female

♕ Sexuality: Straight

♕ Relationship Status: Takennnn <33

♕ Patronus: Kingfisher

♕ Aesthetic: Elegant, white


♕ RP Rules:

➳Try not to ghost me
➳Keep swearing at a minimum
➳Please don't control my character
➳No God-Modding
➳One-liners are fine with me
➳Try to use decent grammar, please
➳Tell me if you would like to RP

♕ RP Genres:

➳I do basically anything, except mature romance.


♕ Special Mentions:

Angie- Twins forever! Like you said, we're so alike. I need you in my life. Thanks for being the amazing person that you are.

Wisteria Brown- We just met, but you're insanely cool and funny. I love talking to you, and you're really, really nice and caring. Coffee!!!

Ava Roberts-You're really funny, and it's awesome being weird with you!! Thanks for being super kind to me. Love ya Via!!

Symphony Clover-You're so kind, and awesome, and gentle. You care a lot and that's an amazing, important trait to have. Thank you.

Jemma (Hermione Potter Granger)-You've been really nice to me, and you're an amazing weirdo! I love talking about dancing in baby shark costumes with you XD

Oakley P-You are an awesome person!!!! You're amazingly crazy and weird and I love talking to you.

Aragog Scamander-You're an annoying idiot but it's fun to tease you so...yeah XD


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(Hehe I stole your favorite song, Angieeee)


©Licensed Depressed Professional Netflix Viewer and Starbucks Addict®
Approved by my inner monsters, my television, and my coffee mug.


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