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Dear Members of HiH,

You all may wonder why this account is suddenly gone. And why we’re leaving so soon. Well the answer is horrid, sad, troubling and worrying in some cases.

Just today (Oct 27) all of us were out talking when suddenly Jenny’s mom called us. What was wrong however was unexpected. Jenny’s dad was apparently at court and Jenny’s sister was having a hard time staying calm during all of it. Her sister wasn’t allowed to see her dad anymore which made it worse on her end. While Jenny was trying to keep her sister calm they started getting a bunch of phone calls. Her sister of course has no clue yet, and they have no plans of telling her. Anyway, what happened was their dad was but in prison and they soon found out after that their cousin just died. He was only three and died from a car crash that happened with actually the same person who ran over their dog a few weeks ago. Well this all happened too close to them and her sister is a bit bent up about all of this. And yes I know you’re wondering why Jacob and I (Millie) are leaving also.

We are leaving because one, I’m going to be a mom in a few weeks (I did the paperwork for the adoption before the next reason occurred), two, I just got together with a new guy a couple of weeks ago and I’m expecting, three, Jacob is struggling in school, four, our parents and siblings are having a rough relationship. Now we might be coming back one day, but it’s hard telling. Far down the road something could happen that makes Jenny never come back. Me being a parent I need more time to do things. Jacob being a senior (I’m pretty sure) needs more time for studying. Thank you all for being there for us all and talking and rping. If we have an owl started with you or a rp we will owl you our goodbyes, otherwise you’re reading it directly from here.
Love always,
Triple Threat
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