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I was sorted in Slytherin and I think the main reason I was sorted to that house is becuase I was born in to a royal family wherein pureblood flows within. The decision was immediate, it didn't take that long for the Sorting Hat to figure out where I belong because, I, Myself, truly believes that I'm destined to be in that house. Not only because of where I came from but because I possess the main attributes, the main qualities of what it is to be a true heir of slytherin. I think my favourite classes are History of Magic, Defense Against Dark Arts and Potions Class but I dreadfully hate the Care for Magical Creatures class. Not that I don't want to, in fact I really want to but I'm just not a fan of magical creatures. The class where I do well but don't quite enjoy is the Alchemy class. I try not to let my blood-status affect on how people treat me. I want to make a change and create a better world for this society. Let's not go judge on people based on their houses, based on their blood-status, based on anything. We are one and we are equal. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, but I believe my strengths are good memory and tactical thinking. I can focus and not let anything bother me which makes me use my inner abilities well. But my weakness are, I can be very naive and easily-forgiving which my enemies can take advantage to. If I have graduated in Hogwarts, I would want to use my voice for others who need it like an activist, or be a fellow auror. I think the most fascinating aspect in magic is its ability to make things impossible be possible. I would gladly use my magic to help and be of service to other especially when they need it. If I'm being honest with myself I want to lead the kingdom my family leads. I want to advocate, guide, help, and learn. To be able to extend my hands further. I'm willing to risk my life for this kingdom I truly love and for this world. I have an older brother who is currently in line for the throne. But I know deep inside he doesn't want to take the lead. My family insists on having a guy to lead the kingdom, not a childish girl like me.
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