Joelle Gryffindor

Student (Quidditch Announcer)

gryffindor by blood, but i just wanna be slytherin :(

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House: Gryffindor (Almost Ravenclaw)

Year: 6th

Status: Pureblood, Godric Gryffindor line

Strengths: born a Legilimens, can see people's thoughts and desires

Family: none, grew up alone (no information on parents, just that there's a direct relation to Godric Gryffindor)

Likes: Hanging out with tight-knit group of friends above all, but when it's time to focus on school... DO NOT DISTURB. Announcing for quidditch, except when it's raining. Though Joelle would hate to admit it, she enjoys popularity and loves to flaunt her friend group.

Boggart: Herself, alone and derranged, without her powers

Personal description: if 'extroverted' was a human being. Joelle radiates an energy that affects everyone around her, and contains so much excitement you'd think she might explode. short, naturally blonde (though she bewitches it to appear an auburn brown). deep down all she wants is friends to call family, she looks up to the idea of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley's famous friendship.

Favourite places: French countryside, the amount of magical creatures is insane! Also Beauxbatons is beautiful, but nothing compared to Hogwarts :)

I'd always known that I was a witch, but my childhood was different than those of my peers... you see, I grew up on my own, parent-less, in the muggle world. Despite being descended from the pure-blood line of Godric Gryffindor himself, I'd never even taken into account my place in the Wizarding World, until I got my letter. When I was being sorted, the Sorting Hat whispered to me, saying that I was clever enough to thrive in Ravenclaw, yet strong enough to lead as a Gryffindor. I, of course—being a Gryffindor by blood—chose the latter. I hope to learn as much as possible about my lineage, where I fit into this world and how I can use my strengths to benefit our society. Ideally, I'd like to travel, so I'm wishing to persue a position in the Department of Mysteries.
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