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♕ Nicknames- Angie, River, Ri-Ri, Rio, Ri (Full list on personal account)
♕ Birthday- November 8th
♕ Sexuality- Straight
♕ Relationship Status- Taken <3
♕ Likes- Coffee, chocolate, hockey, Starbucks, being weird, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the ocean
♕ Dislikes- Hate, being alone, pain, depression
♕ Personality- Kind, shy, weird, helpful, creative, and depressed
♕ Appearance- Tanned skin, hourglass figure, long eyelashes, skinny and petite, long wavy brown hair, and bright green eyes
⚘ FC-


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⚘ Nicknames- Vi, Vivi, Viva, Vio-Latte, (More on my Personal Account)
⚘ Birthday- March 19th
⚘ Sexuality- Straight
⚘ Relationship Status- Single as a Pringle
⚘ Likes- Friends (Of course), books, writing, hanging out, food
⚘ Dislikes- Carrots (hehe), HiH Trolls, Being Alone, Rude/B****y people
⚘ Personality- Nice, Smart, Rlly Weird, Shy-ish
⚘ Appearance- Dark brown hair straight-ish hair, brown eyes, short and skinny.
⚘ FC- Maggie Lindemann


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⚘ Info- Ninja
⚘ FC-


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♕ Nicknames- Wis, Latte Girl, Craft Services Wis, Wisty, Wizzy, Wizzo (Full list on personal account)
☾ Birthday- September 18
☾ Sexuality- Bisexual
☾ Relationship Status- Single Pwingle
☾ Likes- Reading, writing, talking, being weird and insane, roleplaying, k pop, roasting bitches, COFFEE
☾ Dislikes- Bullies, rude people *cough cough* Rude olphus, sexica, manipulation
☾ Personality- Weird, kind, shy, hyper, protective
☾ Appearance- pale-ish skin, short, petite, brown eyes, wavy dark brown hair, wire rimmed glasses
☾ FC- Not sure


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✯Nicknames- El, Els, Elle Bell, Ellie Bean (More on my Personal Account)
✯Birthday- 14th June
✯House- Ravenclaw
✯Relationship Status- Singleeee
✯Star Sign- Gemini
✯Likes- Reading, drawing, friends, Harry Potter, travelling
✯Dislikes- Being alone; rude, annoying people; liars; anyone who trys to hurt my friends
✯Personality- Intelligent, creative, friendly, kind, trustworthy, loyal, understanding
✯Appearance- Long, wavy, blonde hair, fair skin, hazel brown eyes
✯FC- Madison Iseman

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