'She wasn't fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb'

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When I arrived at Hogwarts, the sorting hat put me in Ravenclaw, I'm not sure it made sense, Yes, I'm a total bookworm and know a lot about plants, but I've never gotten good grades in school. I suppose we'll have to wat and see! I was nervous at first as the sorting hat took quite a while to decide, What if this was all some big prank? But I eventually got to sit at the Ravenclaw table with my classmates. My favorite class is definitely Herbology, i don't really like history of magic though, I'm a muggleborn, or 'mudblood as some like to call me, not many people care about that, there is a few who tease me but nothing to serious,. How has your blood status affected your life in the Wizarding World? When Voldemort rose again, I didn't know what was going on, but it all died down without any damage to my town. My greatest strength is books, I know it sounds silly but I love that if I want to, I can disappear into a new world for awhile and it'd be completely different to what anyone else entered when they read the same book. My greatest weakness is when I leave my book and come back to this world, as magical as it is, I struggle the most with social situations and my anxiety. When I graduate, I want to find a career in Herbology or potions . Witch are both the most fascinating thing about magic to me! I have a pet snake, ( He's called Worm, It's dumb I know) and four chickens at home (Hetty, Gideon, Flutter and KFC) and in Hogwarts I have Greg, My toad. My family is pretty normal, well I do have 20 cousins (All muggles except 3 who I've just found out about) and every one of them are like clones to me which strangers find creepy when We're in public together. Other than that, a normal family.
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