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Ħɛℓℓσ! Ƥℓɛαƨɛ иσтɛ тнαт ιғ ʏσʋ ғσℓℓσω мɛ, Ɩ ωιℓℓ ∂ɛғιиιтɛℓʏ ғσℓℓσω ʏσʋ вαcκ.

Ħɛℓℓσ! Ɯнɛи Ɩ ғιяƨт ɢσт мʏ нσɢωαятƨ ℓɛттɛя, Ɩ ωαƨи'т ƨʋяρяιƨɛ∂, вɛcαʋƨɛ Ɩ ωαƨ α мαℓғσʏ, α Ƥʋяɛ-вℓσσ∂ σиɛ, σғ cσʋяƨɛ, вʋт мʏ мʋм ∂ι∂и'т ℓικɛ тнɛ ғαcт тнαт Ɩ ωσʋℓ∂ вɛ α Ƨℓʏтнɛяιи, ƨσ ƨнɛ мα∂ɛ мʏ ℓαƨт иαмɛ нɛяƨ, ωнιcн ιƨ Ƨиσω, αи∂ тнαт ωσʋℓ∂ cнαиɢɛ мʏ ℓιғɛ ғσяɛʌɛя. Ɩ вɛcαмɛ α Яαʌɛиcℓαω, ℓικɛ мʋм, вʋт мʏ ғαтнɛя ωαƨ ∂ɛρяɛƨƨɛ∂. Ƭнαиκƨ ғσя ℓσσκ αт мʏ вαcκƨтσяʏ!

Wood: Singapore
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 14 inches

Let's play Truth of Dare!
<button type="button" onclick="alert('Have you ever had a time when your mother spanked you? Post on my wall!')">Truth</button>
<button type="button" onclick="alert('I dare you to kiss your neighbour to the right of your house. Post on my wall if you did!')">Dare (not recommended)</button>

To the 1% who reads this:
Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it.
Your body isn't a book, don't judge it
Your life isn't a movie, don't end it
Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it
You're beautiful
Be you...
Now please spread this message to the other 99%

Credit to ➤ ★Paris Black Lestrange★

Credit to: » ɴɪᴋᴋɪ ᴛᴇѕʟᴀ «, and ✧⋆ νιєииα є. ωαℓтєяѕ ⋆✧.

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