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Im Amelia Lovegood!In a first year Hufflepuff!!My profile is a drawing of Luna we look very alike only ive got brown hair and Hufflepuff robes

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Hello!Im Amelia Lovegood!I live with my older sister Luna and my Dad Xenophilius.My Mum died when I was very small and I don’t really remember her but Luna says she was an extraordinary witch and died experimenting with a spell.I like to go to Sweden with Luna and Dad in the summer to try and find a crumple horned snorkack,although we haven’t seen one yet which is unfortunate.A lot of people think I’m crazy but I don’t really care.My Dad is the editor of the Quibbler(Which is a magazine in case you don’t know)it’s very interesting.If you ever feel distant you might have a case of wrackspurts,they crawl in your ears and make your brain go all fuzzy.

I have a few questions I long to know the answer to:

Can thestrals see themselves or each other if they haven’t seen death?
Why do people judge people on their family?
I’ll add more to that list when I think of them

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