Luna Abby Riddle

Student -death eater-

before you ask i bewitched the sorting bc Draco was sus of meh.

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(Younger Student) When I received my Hogwarts Letter that faithful day,
I didn’t know what it would mean, ya know? My twin deme(
dementor can you guess why she was named that)
got hers and so did my cousin (at the time i did not know that)
Draco had gotten his letter too!
Mr. Malfoy didn't care too much about my letter. he too busy focusing on Malfoy!!
I know if my real dad were here he would have cheered!
( probably bc he can kill everyone)
but after trying to kill "harry potter" he couldn't take care of me
bc my mom was caught by the Azkaban guards got here.
of course no one knew that Voldemort with my dad!!
if they knew that I , I don't really know what they would do but I knew it would be bad.
I mean he's the dark lord!! Of course they would try and do something to me!
not even Mr. Malfoy knows!
I'm pretty sure he's like a death eater or something
(and if he was when my dad finds out what he did me and my sibling well thing get ugly)I
have like uh- TO MANY SIDLINGS but i had my twin and little bother with me at Malfoy manner .
When I got to Hogwarts I bewitch the sorting hat so it didn't put me in Slytherin,
summer Draco stared to get sus (hehe among us ref)
although I'm pretty sure my older
(half sister by I don't know how I mean we both have the same mom and dad)
sister Ashlyn Rose Riddle saw .
(Appearance)- White hair, one green, eye one, blind eye, and pale-ish skin
(Attitude)- mean to harmful people in her past and loving to her family
(Blind eye)- Mr. Malfoy (Lucius) decided it would be funny to abuse her some time
(Nick names)- lo-lo
(Relationship)- taken (boyfriend- Ace stone)
(Form)- pale white skin, blood red eyes ,a black dress, (the one Hermine wore when she Polyjuice
potion as Bellatrix) snake ring and pupils.
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